Adiam and Raif

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How We Met

Raif and I worked at the same company for over five years. We were good friends, but deep down I always wanted more and just assumed he did not. Turns out he did too! After three years of working together and the both of us secretly pining over each other, he finally asked me out on a date. I said yes, but got so nervous and anxious that we would ruin our great working relationship, that I canceled on him the day of, telling him we should remain professional colleagues only.

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We still remained friends but I always regretted that decision. Many of our colleagues that knew the both of us always said we would be perfect together and I think that gave Raif the encouragement he needed because a whole year later, Raif asked me out again. This time I said yes without any hesitation. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. We had a wonderful time on that date and have literally been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

In April, Raif and I traveled to Italy for an early birthday trip for me. We traveled throughout the country but both fell in love with Venice- such a romantic city. We were on a gondola ride when Raif asked the gondolier to take a picture of us. I was so worried the gondolier was going to crash his gondola that I didn’t even realize Raif was still standing and then suddenly got down on one knee.

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I couldn’t believe it. Every day with Raif has been magical and he made sure the proposal was just as dreamy.

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Special Thanks

My Fiancé (He took some amazing pictures of us on the trip- with the help of a tripod)
 | Photographer