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How We Met

Zac and I met in the summer of 2018, working at a Christian camp in Tyler, TX. This was my third summer of working at camp, and Zac’s first summer. I was in charge of the 5 and 6-year-old program, and one week, both Zac and his twin brother were staff members in my program. I had only known Zac as “one of the twins,” up until that week, so I was excited to get to know him and his brother better. We had a great group of kiddos that week, and I was immediately drawn to the way Zac interacted with them.

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He was so patient, kind, and fun with everyone. I also was drawn to how cute he was. :) For the next month or so after that week, Zac and I got really close. We were always together throughout camp and had formed a really sweet friendship. Little did he know that at that point, I was crushing big time on him. Once camp came to an end for the summer, Zac and I went our separate ways as I lived in Nebraska, and he lived in Texas. We said goodbye, and that was it. We texted a little bit after the summer, but it never lead to anything, which I was super bummed about.

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Flash forward to the next summer, summer of 2019, and both Zac and I are back at camp again! I came into the summer in a pretty rough place as I had been broken up with two days before I left for the summer, and had been striking out in finding a job after camp ended. Looking back, that was all part of God’s plan, and I couldn’t be more thankful for how this summer played out. Right off the bat Zac and I reconnected and continued to stay really close. He quickly became my best friend again, and my feelings for him totally came back. Towards the end of the summer, one of Zac’s good friends told me that he thought Zac would be really good for me and that we should consider dating. This friend had no idea I had feelings for Zac, so naturally, I told him and made him promise not to tell Zac I liked him. Of course, being the good friend he was, he told him that following weekend that I had feelings for him. Zac took some time to think and pray on this and he distanced himself a bit from me so that he wouldn’t lead me on if he didn’t feel the same way.

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Two days before the end of camp and I went back to Nebraska, Zac pulled me aside and shared what he had been thinking the last few weeks and how he was feeling about me. He told me that he did in fact like me but wasn’t sure what that was going to look like with us being over 12 hours away from each other. He said he wanted to have another conversation about that before we both left camp, so the morning that I drove back to Nebraska, Zac told me he thought we should try long distance. I was PUMPED and so excited to see what this relationship would bring!

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We began FaceTiming, texting, and calling all the time once camp ended, and then he officially asked me to be his girlfriend a month later!! We immediately planned trips to come to visit each other and meet each other’s families and friends and see each other’s worlds. We have been doing long-distance for almost two years, but are looking forward to Zac moving to Nebraska next month. We are SO excited to start planning our wedding and being in the same place to do so!!

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How They Asked

Ever since Zac and I started dating, I knew he was the guy I was going to marry. I had been dreaming about marrying him since the beginning of our relationship. My dream was to get engaged at camp since it was where we met and was so meaningful to us both. Both of my brothers work at camp this summer, and so both Zac and I and my parents had been hoping to go visit them and see them in action. A couple of weeks before we got engaged, I was able to get off work very last minute and plan a trip to go visit my brothers. This is where all of the planning began on Zac’s end. Before we went to Texas, Zac flew up to Nebraska for the week to visit and be my date to a wedding the night before we flew to Texas. We enjoyed the wedding and our time together, and I even caught the bouquet!

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Early Saturday morning, we flew out to Tyler, TX. Zac told me after we got engaged that he was incredibly nervous all day, but I had absolutely no idea. He was SO calm. Throughout the week in Nebraska, before we left, Zac had told me that he’d like to go on a date once we got to camp and walk around the camp to reminisce on our time together. I loved the idea but definitely was curious if he was up to something more. That same friend who told Zac I liked him a couple of summers before, came and picked us up from the airport, and took us to camp. He dropped us off in a central part of the camp, but then booked it over to where the proposal was happening to drop off Zac’s Bible. Zac and I walked around camp and ended up running into some current staffers/friends of ours as we walked. I didn’t think anything of it, but apparently, they were purposely out and about to stall us so the Bible could be dropped off in time.

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I always thought Zac would ask me to marry him where we sat and he told me he liked me in 2019, so when he steered me in the opposite direction, I was incredibly thrown off. We walked across a bridge to the other side of camp and as we came up to the other side where a beautiful cabin was, I noticed string lights in the trees that were lit up. I leaned over to Zac and said, “Oh shoot, someone left those lights on!,” not realizing at all that those were a part of the decorations for the proposal. As we got closer, I saw a picnic table and something on top of it. When we walked up to the picnic table, there were a dozen beautiful red roses and Zac’s Bible, and it all hit me. As Zac pulled out a letter he had written to me over a year ago, I saw the photographer out of the corner of my eye and realized what was about to happen!!

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Zac read his sweet letter, read a couple of verses out of the Bible, and explained to me the kind of husband he wants to be for me and how he wants to grow in our future marriage. Then, before I realized it, he stood me up, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I immediately started bawling and could only nod to say yes! We heard cheering and turned to the cabin that was behind the picnic table and saw all of Zac’s family and my best friend in the window. It was the sweetest surprise! We took some pictures and hugged everyone, and then headed out to a family friend’s lakehouse where my family was waiting for us to celebrate with an amazing party! It was the BEST day of my life, and full of such sweet moments. I can not wait to marry this man who went above and beyond to propose to me in my dream place in the most thoughtful way!!

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Special Thanks

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