Addison and Matt

How We Met

I moved to Okarche, OK my sophomore year of high school after my dad had received a new principal’s job there. We had previously lived in Washington, OK for 12 years where my dad was a history teacher and baseball coach.

The first time I met Matt I was invited to a before-school youth night thing at our church in town. I didn’t know anyone in town at the time so I just plopped down in a seat and it happened to be next to him. I could tell from his love for Jesus and baseball that he was going to be a very special person in my life. We ended up talking until Christmas break before I ended things and decided to focus on my relationship with Christ more. Since we were in the same youth group we always remained really good friends and even went on a mission trip to Nicaragua together the summer before our junior year of high school.

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Long story short we didn’t start dating again until our senior year of high school. About 3 weeks into the school year my dad unexpectedly passed away in a freak car accident. He had stopped on the side of the road to help a family who had flipped their car. It was raining really hard that night and after he had got everyone out of the car he was walking back to his truck when another car lost control and flipped and hit him. My dad was my absolute best friend and I was devastated. I wasn’t with my family when this happened and once I was able to get home and be told what had happened I didn’t know what to do. Slowly friends and family started coming over that evening and then Matt showed up. Him and my dad were best friends and my dad had actually been putting a bug in my ear that Matt was a great guy and I should date him. I had a small crush on Matt the summer before our senior year but didn’t think anything of it because we were really good friends.

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As I tried to figure out how to navigate grief and applying for colleges and trusting God’s plan, Matt was there the whole time. He was always checking on me and making sure I was okay and asking if I needed to talk or anything. When things had settled down and I wasn’t in shock anymore Matt and I continued to hang out more and more. I remember one night after youth group Matt had gone out and bought some watermelons and got a couple of baseball bats and we just went out in the country and hit watermelons to get all that pent up anger out and we danced in the road to slow songs. It was one of the best evenings! I remember how disappointed I was he hadn’t kissed me while we were slow dancing, but little did I know he was saving that for when he dropped me off at my car.

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The rest is history! He asked me to be his girlfriend on our next date and we’ve been together ever since! We will have been dating 3 years in October.

Addison and Matt's Engagement in Washington High School Baseball Field, Washington, OK

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Washington High School Baseball Field, Washington, OK

How They Asked

The day Matt proposed I was not expecting it that day at all. Both of our grandmothers were in the hospital and it was just a crazy busy day in general.

My mom and siblings had told me we were going to a baseball festival in Washington (where my dad used to coach) and so originally I had just thrown a t-shirt on and put my hair in braids because it was June in Oklahoma, Hello heat!! I was getting ready and Matt had FaceTimed me asking what I was wearing and I showed him and he said: “Babe just dress fancy with me it’ll be great.” This is when I started to get suspicious because we had talked about getting engaged sometime soon but I wasn’t sure when. So then I started to kinda pressure him and ask why I needed to change my clothes and hair because he is the type of guy who says I look great no matter what I have on. He never asks me to change my hair or clothes lol! So somewhat annoyed I put on “nicer” clothes for the “baseball game” and curled my hair, then my siblings and I were out the door to meet my mom and Matt since they were both coming from OKC area.

The whole car ride everyone was kinda off so I just shrugged it off and talked about what adventures I had had with the kids I nannied that day. Little did I know everyone was freaking out because they thought I was mad at Matt about telling me I needed to change and fix my hair and they were afraid I was going to say no!

As we pulled up the baseball field I look over and see the scoreboard said the score was 6 -26, which happened to be the date. My mom got out of the car and tried to play it off saying the team must’ve got killed by the other team and that the game was over but that we should go see if our friends were still there. So we started walking towards the field and Matt says hey let’s go this way. He walks me through the gate that opened to left field and down 3rd baseline to home plate. As we were walking by the dugout I saw two girls sitting there and I had no idea who they were but it turns out they were the photographers.

As we walked up to home plate Matt pulled out his phone and a pair of headphones and told me he wanted to show me something. When I pressed play he was talking in the video telling me he just wanted to show me this video to let me know how much he loved me. By this point, I knew what was going on but I kept watching because I wanted to be 100% sure. The video showed where we first kissed, where he first told me he loved me, where he asked me to be his girlfriend and a bunch of other photos of us doing all kinds of fun things throughout our 2 1/2 years of dating! About halfway through the video “This Is It” by Scotty McCreery began to play and that’s when I lost it, I was bawling my eyes out.

At the end of the video Matt was talking on it again and he said “By now you probably know what’s going on and I want you to look over to where your dad used to park his truck at the field” and when I looked up all our friends and family were standing there and I continued to bawl my face out. I also didn’t know that as I was watching the video my brother had ran the ring box up to Matt, it was a baseball ring box because what else would complete a proposal on a baseball field!

When I turned back around Matt was on one knee and I said the easiest yes I have ever said in my life! It was the best day and apparently the most well-kept secret of the year! I’m so thankful for all of our friends and family who made that day so special! I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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