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How We Met

It had been an exhausting day of tubing on the river in triple digit temperatures and I somehow got convinced to go out to the bars that night with a group of eight guys – no wing woman included. Of course, I didn’t expect to meet the man I was going to marry! Who would come up to a girl surrounded by eight crazy guys? Well, as fate would have it, while we were waiting in line, I was introduced by one of my friends to a guy in deep V named Howard who I quickly realized had a charming British accent. I had studied abroad in England and was immediately interested, but tried to play it cool … which didn’t last long! Howard’s incredible chivalry was drastically different than the college guys I was used to meeting. We talked the rest of the night and discovered how much we had in common, despite being raised in different countries. He told me he was taking me on a date that following Saturday night, yes told me. Talk about confidence! Of course the first date was incredible as he swept me off my feet and already showed his incredible thoughfulness – taking me to my favorite restruarant. The dates continued and everything was going great, except one major complication – I was moving to NYC in just a few months, so it was crunch time to get to know each other, fall in love, and commit to long distance! Luckily, we were able to value the love we fostered and created incredible memories as we moved to NYC and back. Finally finding our home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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how they asked

The day I graduated from my Masters program, December 14, 2016, I was definitely not expecting anything else to take the spotlight. I was completely blind to all the signs as Howard, my family, and my friends created an epic proposal. After a beautiful dinner with the family to celebrate my graduation, the family (including Howard’s Mum & Dad and my grandparents) casually walked to “dessert” with Howard leading the way. As we got closer to a fountain that outside the restaurant where we had our first date, I heard music – our favorite song – “Latch (Acoustic)” by Sam Smith. The wheels in my head started turning. Then I noticed Howard was wearing a little microphone on his lapel and then there was no doubt in my mind. As we came around the fountain, I was surrounded by seven large pictures that captured different times throughout our 4 year relationship. Howard dropped to one knee (once he got me in the perfect spot for the photographer & videographer) and popped the question! Our families were anxiously watching and quickly flooded us with Mazel Tovs and excitement, but the night wasn’t over yet! The family insisted now that they were going to dessert to celebrate, but the drive was really long as they headed towards Downtown Phoenix. We pulled up at one of Howard & my favorite bars, the Duce, which seemed like an odd place to me for dessert, but I was on cloud nine and didn’t think much of it. As we walked in the bar, we were met with a roaring “Surprise!” from friends and family who thought they were there for a Surprise Graduation Party. That’s when Howard grabbed my hand and help up the ring – now it was their turn to surprise everyone! It was an eventful day and the start to a beautiful engagement with my British prince charming.

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