Alpaca Helps Man Propose to Girlfriend – Yes, It's As Cute As You're Imagining.

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Let me start by saying that October 3rd, 2017 was the people dream about!

A little backstory: One of my dear friends, Rachel Kendrick, is the director of a stunning wedding venue in Fuquay Varina, NC called Highgrove estate. The venue was putting together a styled shoot to showcase the property and a couple of their esteemed vendors. I was completely flattered, intimidated, and excited when she asked me to be the model for that shoot.

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My self-confidence had been pretty low and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to play dress-up and pretend to be one of those fierce models you see in all those bridal magazines. She told me that there would be an alpaca in the shoot and I started hyperventilating because they are my favorite animals in the world. I was pretty amped for the shoot!

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Fast forward, I’m on my way to stay with Rachel the night before the shoot and I got this tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach…What if my boyfriend, Austin Hardee, surprised me at the shoot and proposed to me with the alpaca?! I mean I have only dreamt of having him ask me to be his wife for the past 8 years!! I got to her house and I told her my “crazy thought” she quickly responded, “Addair, you’re crazy! He would never do that.” So I dismissed the thought and went on about life. I woke up the next morning, and per usual sent Austin a good morning text telling him I was nervous and excited about the ensuing glamorous day.

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He responded with, “Goodmorning! You’ll do great!” I showed up to the venue and the glam and all of the team’s worked their magic on me and made me look and feel more beautiful than I ever thought imaginable. The shoot starts and Rachel K. as well as the outstandingly talented photographer, Rachel Red were hyping me up telling me I was working it! We wrap up the first look and then the part when I would get to have a big reveal and meet with an alpaca named Magic approached. I started to feel nervous and losing my breath. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m obsessed with alpacas. Rachel, Rachel Red, and Heartstone Films escort me down into the lower lawn where I knew an alpaca would be right behind me. I could hear his footsteps and my heart was racing!

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Finally, I turn around and I see the love of my life looking as handsome as ever holding my favorite animal. This was excitement and emotional OVERLOAD! I screamed and started to cry (I almost fainted but whatevs). Then Austin asked me to marry him!!!! I started squealing, saying shut up, oh my God, and ABSOLUTELY YES!

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This man! I love this man! I have loved him since I was a junior in high school. We have been through and conquered so much together, and now we get to conquer the rest of our lives with this amazing, hard-working, kind, handsome man! More importantly, I get to see how cute he’ll be when he’s old. He coordinated with my friend to be able to come and propose to me in a beautiful place when he knew I would feel the most beautiful, and with my favorite animal.

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I cannot even begin to express how thankful and blessed I feel to have someone that wanted to do something so over the top for me especially when he knew I would say ‘yes’ no matter what. Ladies, get you a man like this!! On August 3rd of this year, things will come full circle and he and I will exchange our vows at the Highgrove. Currently having heart palpitations (in the best way possible) knowing I will get to spend forever with my person. I love him and I love Magic the Alpaca!!

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