Adam and Madison

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How We Met

It was love at first sight, just not for both of us. I was unsure if I wanted a relationship, especially with Adam considering I was a freshman and he was a senior. Long distance never works, right? He knew the magic we could have together, though, and he made every attempt to show me and sweep me off my feet. We had movie nights, ate ice cream out of the same carton, cooked dinner, and tried and failed to do homework together. Over winter break we arranged to go to Chicago for a “NOT date”. We had fun doing tourist-y things like going up to the top of the Willis Tower, walking around, and visiting Millennium Park. This ended up being a very special and notable day in our history for four reasons. One, it was the first time we held hands. I felt safe and emotionally secure with him. Two, we met his brother and his then girlfriend for dinner and I was introduced to my first future in-law.

Three, while at Millennium Park, I had a very frank conversation with him about how I did not know what I wanted and I did not want to lead him on. I told him that if there was someone else, he should go after them and he did not have to wait for me. He told me I was worth waiting for. We continued on our walk around the park and I still felt an intense emotional safety and connection. It was frightening at first and I felt overwhelmed. Once we got back to school, we quickly fell into a wonderful routine of togetherness. The fourth reason that day was important to us is that it marked the two- year mark until our engagement. Adam proves to me everyday since that we do have something special and that he was right all along. On December 28, 2016, two years after our NOT date, he took me on an actual date recreating the first.

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He was electrified all day and would occasionally touch his breast pocket trying to look casual. I gave him questioning looks but he would only smile and tell me not to worry about it. We took the same pictures we took two years before for the novelty of putting them side by side. We went to lunch and wandered around a little before he suggested we visit the park, not far from where we were. I thought it was a great idea, really bring the day full circle. We saw the Cloud Gate and took the obligatory selfies and I could feel the tense charge rolling off his body. Finally he suggested we go to our conversation spot and reminisce about how far we had come since then. I had inklings of what was going to happen because I am insightful and I can read him like a book. Even if I was going to be wrong, his energy inclined me to agree with him. I chatted about anything pleasant I could think of to try to keep the mood light. Suddenly he stopped and spun me around.

The envelopment in his arms almost made me melt. He quietly started to tell me all the things he loved about me and I was about to reciprocate, grinning from ear to ear and misty eyed but I never got the chance. He started to slide down and I almost did too! He unzipped his coat’s breast pocket and extracted the most beautiful ring I had seen. The delicate swirls of rose gold on the gallery were complimented by a diamond halo surrounding a brilliant morganite center stone. It was quite the sight to behold, but was really took my breath away was his face. His openness and joy always touched me but in this moment it was the emotion that made me go from misty-eyed to full on crying. In between gasps of air I managed to say yes and he slipped the ring onto my finger. It was not until his brother handed me a napkin to save my hands from wiping the tears flowing down my face that I realized we were not alone. I look around us and saw our family’s familiar faces. Our parents and siblings

Proposal Ideas Millennium Park Chicago, IL

were there as well as my aunt, cousin, grandma, and a friend from school who was taking pictures. Our walk turned into a life changing photo shoot in seconds! The surprise did not stop there. After pictures, Adam announced that he would see everyone at the restaurant and hailed us an Uber. When we got out, we were at The Cheesecake Factory, which coincidentally is my favorite restaurant. Our families settled in and had a lovely meal. As we were saying goodbye, his mom handed him a duffel bag and I could not believe there was something else I did not know about! We got in another Uber and after a prolonged ride, we arrived at the Thompson Hotel. Everything about the hotel impressed me, from Adam keeping it a surprise to the breathtaking views. The next morning, to complete our whirlwind weekend, we went to Sprinkles for cupcakes and Gino’s East for pizza (because how can you go to Chicago and not get pizza?). His mom met us at the Museum of Science and Industry and after another wonderful day out, we headed home to our puppy who was almost as happy as we were to see us come home.

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