Adam and Lindsey

Image 1 of Adam and LindseyHow We Met: Adam and I go way back to middle school where we first met. We were best friends for years until we “came of age” to date! At that point we became a couple and dated throughout our high school and college years. Adam was then called to serve a 2 year mission for our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) while I spent those couple years finishing my Degree as well as doing smaller service trips around the world. As fate would have our paths crossed once again after his return and we instantly became inseparable. This time we were even more in love than we were as kids and knew we wanted this to last a lifetime! Soon thereafter Adam planned out the perfect surprise proposal for me, it is a memory I will forever Cherish!

how they asked: When planning on how to propose to Lindsey, I of course, wanted it to be unique but filled with excitement and surprise, yet love and sincerity. If there’s anything you will know about Lindsey, it will be that there is absolutely nothing that slides by that girl, so for it to be a surprise would be just a cherry-on-the-top moment! While Lindsey and I were on our trip in the east, I thought, this is definitely a prime time to be proposing because 1, there is no one who loves trips more than Linds, and 2, her siblings (aka her best friends) were going to be present. So, Nikki (Lindsey’s sister) and I worked together to plot the moment and boy was it fabulous!

June 1, 2013 at 10 o’ clock in the morning, Scotty boy (Lindsey’s Brother) and I made our trek to the dock where the Ferry takes you to Fire Island. The day before, we had all decided that we were going to go on the 11 o clock ferry and spend the day out on this private island (little did she know what was going to happen while we were all there!) As we get to the Island, I asked the captain of the ferry if he would be so kind as to give the message in a bottle I had made to a woman named Lindsey, who will be coming on the 11 o’clock ride. He gladly accepted his new duty and off Scott and I went to set it up! After roughly 15 missed calls and texts each from Lindsey, I finally got a text from Nikki telling me they were on their way out! I then got another text saying, “Docking now” and then another one saying “she got the bottle!” It was perfect and as she walked and followed the map, she could see I was way off into the distance. My heart began to thump a little quicker and little deeper realizing this was it! The moment I got to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me! So many emotions mixed into one and by now I’m certain she knew EXACTLY what was about to happen! She finally made it to me where I had exchanged some thoughts and words with her. I then hit that knee right in front of my “Will you marry me sign” which was so nicely carved in the sand and popped that question so confidently it was as if I had practiced to absolute perfection! That big smile of her’s was priceless as she said yes and the ring quickly made it to her finger!

The word, success, was written all over this event and we spent the rest of the day catching rays at the beach and eating food. Perfect, Right?!

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