Adam and Lauren

How We Met

We met when I was working at a restaurant called The Pub. He used to go there often with friends. I had just gotten out of a really awful relationship that ended terribly, and so had he. We both weren’t looking to date anyone but somehow found one another. After a couple months of flirting back and forth, we became exclusive.

how they asked

Adam asked me when we were vacationing in Florida last August. We both desperately needed a vacation and made it happen. We packed up his car at 2:00am and drove all the way from Ohio to south Florida. We stayed in the most amazing hotel and had the best time. The Saturday that we spent down there, we met a good friend of mine, Shawnee, who had just moved from Ohio to Florida. She had us meet her and her two sisters at favorite spot to get drinks, Sandbar at Bostons. It was a cheesy little tiki bar with waitresses wearing short shorts and bikini tops. The menu had amazing fruity drinks, the kind that you just have to drink on vacation. Adam was pretty quiet during the time we spent there, but I thought nothing of it as I was busy talking to Shawnee and her sisters and catching up on the past couple of months. After getting some drinks, Shawnee suggested we take a walk on the beach, saying that she loved to walk on the beach in Delray with its beautiful white sand and gorgeous views. The weather was hot, and we were all sweating. Shawnee got a couple pictures of Adam and I on the beach, and we started to head back to the street (and hopefully a restaurant, and some AC!)

Image 1 of Lauren and Adam

As we were walking through a path of trees and greenery, Shawnee had us stop for another picture, and then Adam got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I had NO idea it was coming! I was in so much shock I even put the engagement ring on my right hand!

Image 2 of Lauren and Adam

Image 3 of Lauren and Adam

Image 4 of Lauren and Adam