Lanie and Adam

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How We Met

Adam- It all started when my best friend called me and said he was in town visiting. This might seem like a normal thing for most, but my friend lives in Australia. So needless to say, a surprise visit to South Carolina was very exciting. I immediately cleared my schedule and made plans to visit him at his childhood home with some old friends to celebrate his return. His younger sister was there too, who had become like a sister to me over the years. She had brought a couple of her friends along and we spent the night sitting around the kitchen table telling stories, dancing, and laughing. I was instantly drawn to her friend Lanie, who was absolutely beautiful and had an amazing personality with a laugh that could brighten even the darkest night. Little did I know that I would be listening to that laugh for the rest of my life.

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Lucky for me, she thought I was pretty great too (and it didn’t hurt that she asked who’s awesome car was parked in the driveway and it was mine!) All jokes aside, the connection between us was immediate. I knew I was going to have a great weekend, but after meeting Lanie it turned out to be one of the best weekends of my life. We exchanged numbers but had no idea when we would meet again, considering we lived 2 hours apart and had our own lives in separate cities. Daily texts turned into nightly phone calls, which turned into hours of conversation and the opportunity to learn about each other on so many levels. Eventually, we scheduled our first date. When we finally saw each other again, we both knew this was something special. The next few months were spent falling in love, and it didn’t take long before we both knew we were each other’s “forever person.”

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how they asked

Lanie- One of the biggest reasons I adore Adam is for his sense of humor and his love for surprises. Even though I know he always has a trick up his sleeve, he still manages to surprise me in the best ways possible, and I knew a proposal wouldn’t be anything less than a grand gesture. It was evident from the beginning that we were meant to be, so we openly discussed marriage plans. I had a feeling a proposal would be coming, but because we could only see each other on weekends and our schedule was packed with events, traveling, and visiting friends, I had no idea when he could possibly pull it off. The idea occurred to me one night when he kept reminding me about a charity auction to which he wanted me to accompany him. I convinced myself that this auction was a ploy to get me dressed up in a fancy outfit so I would look cute when he proposed, so of course I told all my friends that I thought it would be happening and that he had fabricated the auction altogether. When it finally came time to leave, I wasn’t expecting to actually arrive at an auction.The event came and went, and although we had a fabulous time, he didn’t propose!

The next night, I had plans to go to dinner in Charlotte with my girlfriends like we normally do, while Adam stayed behind in South Carolina. On the walk to dinner in uptown, I had to explain to my friends about the false alarm and it was obvious that I was clueless about when I thought it might happen. Our friend who was supposedly already at the restaurant texted our group that she was waiting for us in the nearby park. We walked down some stairs, and instead of seeing my friend waiting for us, it was Adam waiting for me!

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I was shocked to the point that I froze in my tracks, and he had to remind me to keep walking towards him. I looked around to see my friends whip out their phones ready to capture the moment, and that’s when it really sunk in. It was all a blur but I can clearly remember Adam getting down on one knee and asking me to be his wife, and of course I said “Yes!!” I was surprised beyond my wildest dreams because of the intricate plan between he and my friends, all happening right under my nose. After lots of hugs, tears, and an impromptu engagement photo shoot, he whisked me away to one of our favorite spots, Davidson, NC.

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Just when I thought there were no more surprises, we returned to my apartment the next day greeted by our closest friends and family to celebrate our engagement. Adam even arranged for my parents to fly in from Boston! We spent the rest of the day enjoying our engagement brunch with everyone we love. Every girl dreams of her perfect proposal, but this went above and beyond my imagination. I am so thankful that everyone we love got to share in our excitement!

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