Adam and Jessica

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how we met

It was the very first day of school and being the punctual person I am, I was the first person in the first class of the day. It was a web design class and I sat in the second row at the very first computer. A few minutes later, a boy I knew walked in and sat beside me. Next to him was his friend, Adam. For the next few months we would sit two seats from each other and never speak one word. Then one night, Adam began to Instant Message me and we started to form a friendship, staying up till 4am every night. Before the year ended, we had become best friends. Then, one night, Adam sent me a song expressing that he loved me as more than his friend, and I responded rather harshly with a well-known Vertical Horizon song saying that I didn’t feel the same. But, he never gave up.

One night about a year later, I realized how in love I was with him while watching “A Walk To Remember” and we shared our very first kiss. Fast forward eight years later and even through going to different universities and having many ups and downs, that love never faded and here we are, engaged! It’s still crazy to look back on that first day of high school, how nervous I was and how much I dreaded it, and to realize that it was actually the very best day of my entire life.

how they asked

I work at a magazine in Philadelphia and a few weeks before, I received an email from Jaimi Gordon, the PR person for the Loews Hotel, telling me there was an exclusive event featuring a major celebrity and I needed to be there to represent the magazine. She told me she couldn’t tell me who the celeb was, but that I definitely wouldn’t be disappointed. I spent the next two weeks trying to figure out who the celebrity was, googling appearances and concerts on that day and picking all my friends brains. I settled on the fact that it had to be Bradley Cooper because he’s from here and well, that would be awesome. The day of was like any day, Adam left for work (or so I thought, he was actually hiding out in a coffee shop!) and I went to work. It was the first day of spring and a huge snowstorm was hitting Philly. I thought multiple times about not going to the event, even texting Adam that I may bail. Luckily, I went. I couldn’t find a cab, so I ended up walking in the storm to the hotel (which is a decent distance from our apartment). I walked into the lobby, drenched and a bit miserable, and found Jaimi waiting for me. She led me up to the very top of the Loews hotel. I’ll let Adam tell the rest…

As the 6 o’clock hour approached my nerves were growing and growing. The original plan was to propose out on the roof, but with the snow, Jaimi informed me that I wasn’t going to be allowed on the roof due to the ice. She did however tell me about the next best thing. The Lowes has a room called the Terrace Room that is floor to ceiling windows with views out over the Delaware River. Upon seeing the room I knew it was perfect!

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My co-conspirators (Our best friends, Zac and Dani) and I set the roses up in a heart shape and the candles Jaimi provided in a path that led to me inside the rose heart. Everything was set up and I was getting more scared by the second! I got the text from Jaimi letting me know that she and Jessica were on the way up. I knew that Jessica had no idea what she was in for. I heard the elevator open down the hall and the rest was a complete blur.

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The girl I’ve loved since I was 14 entered the room to find me standing in the middle of a heart of rose petals, with a suit on and she knew exactly what was about to happen. I thought my heart was going to fly out of my chest.

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She walked down the path of candles and into my arms, where I think I told her how much I loved her and what she meant to me. I know I got down on one knee, opened the ring box and asked the most perfect person in the world, my best friend on earth, to marry me. Needless to say at this point, she said yes!

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We then made all the phone calls to family (who knew all about the entire thing) and I surprised her with tickets to Florida! We were leaving the very next morning to celebrate with our families who all live there. We then had a wonderful dinner at Bank & Bourbon, met our friends out for drinks, and went home and packed in a complete glow of love before spending the weekend celebrating in Florida.

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I couldn’t have done it without the help of Jaimi, Danielle, Zac, and all of our friends. While it was a bit crazy keeping everything perfect and her not sleuthing it out, everything went better than I could ever have expected and I couldn’t possibly be happier.