Adam and Jaclyn's College Campus Proposal

How We Met: 14 Years ago (2001), I was sitting in Information Technology class at Monmouth University. A classmate of mine tapped me on the shoulder and said, “nice notecards, are they for the test?” I replied, “yes, why do you ask?” With a smug grin he replied, “because last week you also used notecards to study, but I still got two points higher than you.” I rolled my eyes and turned back around, and thought to myself “(I will leave that part out)”. Little did I know he and I would soon be assigned to a team project together (thanks to the professor). Great! Of all the people in the class, I get the guy who teases me? Wonderful.

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Reluctantly a four person group project turned into he and I doing the work. Two type-A personalities, so you can imagine. In reality, the opposite of what I thought would happen, happened. I ended up falling for the little boy who pulled my pigtails?? Let’s fast forward to the good part. It’s the last day of class, we presented our project, and we got an A! I was hoping he would ask me to lunch before we parted ways, but he didn’t, not while we were in the classroom at least. He waited until we were in the parking lot and I was about to get into my car. He asked, “wanna grab a smoothie?” Of course I said yes, calmly (I was jumping up and down on the inside). This is where it all began. Our journey took some detours, but eventually his proposal led us back to the very same spot where we met.

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how they asked: 12 years later (2013), Adam Cohen brought me back to Monmouth University (he made up a fib to get me there). Once we were there, we strolled down memory lane. In that moment— he said, “I know how important it is for us to have made memories here, so let’s make more,” as he got down on one knee and asked for my hand. He secretly had hired a photographer I had been following online (Vanessa Joy). She was able to capture the essence of how we met, and helped re-create our classroom love affair.

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Best. Day. Ever (next to the wedding of course). We also returned to Monmouth University for the first look before the wedding (2014). It was super important to incorporate this into our day. I read my wedding vows to him from my notecards to keep the theme going.

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Photography by Vanessa Joy Photography