Adam and Holly

how we met

The story goes…. I walked into a work meeting for a new job, late. This is when I caught Adam’s eye. Once it finished, we all walked down the stairs from the first level to the ground level and Adam went and spoke to his friend at reception. I didn’t realise that the stairs went down to the basement where my car was parked so I also got out of the stairwell at the ground floor and waited for the elevator. Adam saw me waiting for the elevator and thought this was his chance to speak with me.

how they asked

The proposal was a complete surprise! The most amazing surprise of my life. Adam had a work trip to Europe which was planned and booked within 2 months. Adam asked if I wanted to come, and if so he would take a week of annual leave at the end of his trip and we would go for a holiday along the Amalfi coast as he knew how much I loved Positano the last time I went. Adam told me he found a beautiful restaurant in Ravello he wanted to take me but it was quite expensive so he would make it my birthday present (my birthday was at the end of the month). Adam told me the place we were going to in Ravello was very fancy and I would have to get dressed up (which was not unusual for Adam to give me a dress code for a surprise, because he would expect me to do the same for him. I love that about him). So it gets to the afternoon and Adam told me that he’d like to get to the place at 6pm as there were beautiful gardens and we could walk around them and then get a drink at the bar before dinner (which was at 8:30pm). I of course didn’t think anything of it other than Adam loves to get places earlier to avoid being late. We arrived at villa Cimbrone and Adam only had to give his ID to the woman at the entrance as he had already paid for a photographer to take photos of us. I of course didn’t want to leave him when we arrived and after he tried to convince me to go to the bathroom to fix my hair up 3 times he ended up paying for our entry to the gardens to avoid any suspicion from me. We started to walk towards the infinity terrace but Adam was very aware of the time and that he had to be at the terrace at 6pm sharp. I was loving how romantic our walk was, Adam even stopped us at some terracotta pots to tell me a story about how his nonno used to make them (he was of course killing time). We finally get to the infinity terrace and Adam approaches a man with a professional camera and asks, “parli inglese?” (I loved when he tried to speak in Italian so I thought this was super cute). The photographer (Andrea) said “yes” and he agreed to take a photo on Adams phone. The photographer then asked if Adam and I were staying or eating with the villa and if so he could take a photo with his camera and we could pick it up at reception later. I thought that this was amazing luck we were having, the photographer thought that the photo would be better without my bag in it which made me very nervous as he now had my bag and Adams phone. Once the photo was taken the photographer said “perfect”. Which was the agreed cue for Adam to go ahead with his plan. Adam turned to me, and then I realised what was happening, I was in shock. I remember looking at how handsome Adam looked and how incredible and unbelievable the view was. I was in shock that Adam was giving me this beautiful story… by the time he got on one knee I saw that the photographer and videographer were not from the villa and that this wasn’t just a dream I was having. It was honestly the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me. He had been speaking with Andrea our photographer for a few months planning where and how he would propose, and their little act. Following the proposal we went on an hour photo shoot which gave us the most beautiful memories as along with out photos we got a beautiful video. It all still feels like a dream. What followed was the most magical meal of my life, he definitely knows me well!

The ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. What is so beautiful is that about 3 years ago we were talking about the future and Adam asked me what kind of ring I would like. I think I said a round diamond, minimalistic and white gold. He wrote a note in his phone with these words and when he went to get my ring he used these words to design my ring. Adam put some beautiful details into my ring. Every prong for my diamond represents one of my family members, my family dog and our dog are represented by tiny diamonds set underneath the main diamond with Adam represented as the main diamond. It makes me smile every time I look at it. I’ll never forget the shine it had when he first revealed it to me. When he told me he had the ring for a year I was shocked, I’m still shocked.

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