Hailey and Adam

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How We Met

We had gone to school for almost 2 years before we even noticed each other. But then in the spring semester of my junior year in high school I remember walking in and seeing this cute senior who was the teacher’s aid for our drafting class. I had a crush on him, but besides asking drafting related questions I was way too shy to ever start an actual conversation with him. I honestly didn’t think I had a chance Then one day towards the end of the summer, I’m suddenly talking to him over Facebook about how we should get to know each other since we didn’t in school.

The next day we went on a movie date, and that was all it took. We clicked on everything, from food to life interests. The small talk conversations turned into all day non-stop conversations. We began asking each other the harder questions and we both knew there was something special, that we hadn’t ever had until then.

how they asked

Earlier in the day he told me that he was getting dressed up because he was presenting a project for work at a meeting. Then sometime in the afternoon I get a text from him saying how the presentation went badly and how I should call in sick from work so that we could go out to eat and then spend the rest of the night watching movies. So I called in, expecting an angry boyfriend to come walking through the door. When he got home he was surprisingly happy, which I thought was strange but never questioned. So after getting dressed up as well, we went out to dinner and then came home. Being the Disney lovers we are, he put on the movie UP and then asked me to get one of his Disney art books from the bookcase. After looking at all of them wondering which one he was talking about, I came across a book that said “Our Adventure Book”.

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It was a book he made of us as Disney characters that he drew himself with meaningful quotes from each movie.

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I was in shock as I kept turning the pages I spent a few moments reading it and then noticed that the marriage scene in the first 7 minutes of Up was on the TV, and then noticed my fiancé down on one knee. Of course I said yes! We immediately called our families to let them know of the news!

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Our fairytale continues!

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Special Thanks

Kaydee Gilson
 | Engagement Photographer