Adam and Deb

After dating for nearly 7 years, Adam proposed to me on January 28th, 2017. We ice skated on the ribbon at Maggie Daley park in downtown Chicago. After the ice skating, we walked through the playground area of the park, where I spotted a giant light house. Although the playground was designated for 5-12 year olds, we climbed to the top of the light house.

For the past year or so, we had been brainstorming qualities we would like in an ideal future house. Adam had been working on a project on his computer for the past few months and wouldn’t show me the final product. At the top of the lighthouse, Adam gave me his phone with a video. The video was a virtual walk through of a house Adam designed including all of the qualities they had previously talked about. The video concluded with a shot of Adam in front of the house on one knee, at which point, Adam got on one knee in the lighthouse and asked me to marry him!

After some crying, hugging, and laughing, we grabbed dinner and drinks at the Revolution Brewpub. We agreed to not share the news with anyone until the following day. The delay allowed us to enjoy our engagement before the whirlwind of excitement that ensued on Sunday: visiting, phoning, face-timing, and texting family and friends.

Special Thanks