Adam and Cynthia

How We Met

I first met Adam during a workout class at the gym that he practiced out of. My brother, Drew, who was my trainer at the time, also worked with Adam. I knew of Adam only from what my brother had told me, and what I had seen on his Instagram but he sounded and looked like a real catch!

He is a physical therapist who has two amazing and adorable kiddos, who also so happens to love pizza and dessert just as much and probably more than I do!

how they asked

I have to go back in time a little bit to give some background for the entire proposal story.

February 21 will be a day that I always remember. I called Adam after fainting in the doctor’s office after I had just been given the news that we were expecting! Although it was a complete shock and a huge surprise, we both knew that this relationship was where we were meant to be.

Proposal Ideas Our Home, Estero, Florida

On March 27, we were going to have date night. I thought this night was going to be special because we would open an envelope from our doctor to find out the gender of our baby and have a date night. Adam had other plans. I met him at home and was greeted to him at the door saying, “let’s go sit outside, we have some time before our reservation.” We walked over to our spot out in the front yard and I noticed that he had brought something outside with him. We sat down and we talked about our days and then he turned to what he had brought outside. It was a picture frame with a note in it. This note was a prayer for his future wife that he had written 3 years before he met me. He had it hanging on the wall, waiting for the special time he would be able to read it. Before he read it, he explained that he had been praying this prayer for some time and that where it said “wife”, he had replaced it with my name. Hearing him read the prayer made me very emotional, but I still had no idea what was in store for the rest of the night. We talked for a little after he read the prayer and we prayed over the night ahead.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our Home, Estero, Florida

We got up to go to our reservation and as we are talking and walking towards the house Adam asks if I knew what one of his tattoos was for. He points to the tattoo and then points to the star that is above our garage. “These coordinates are the exact latitude and longitude of this spot we are at right now. Our home. Our home where I brought both of my children home. Our home where we will raise our children and our home where I get to propose to my wife.” Before I knew it, he was down on one knee! What a moment it was!

Even though that was one huge surprise, we still had many more! At dinner, we opened the envelope from the doctor to find out we were having a sweet baby girl. As this pregnancy was new to us, we had told our families but we had yet to tell our friends. We had a great dinner and then headed home. I walked into a room full of our family and closest friends waiting to congratulate us on our engagement! Little did we all know, Adam had more surprises up his sleeve!

We had talked about how we wanted to let our friends know about the baby and I had always thought it would be a little while before we told anyone. Well, Adam listened to every part of what I wanted and took a special night and made it even more special!

Surprise #2 of the night: Adam’s mom read a note aloud that he had written when we told her about the new baby, which let our friends know that we were going to be having a baby very soon! They were all very excited and congratulated us on that!

Surprise #3: Right after dinner, we had taken the ultrasound picture and put a pink bow on it to show that we were having a girl. I had thought it was just so that we could take a picture and announce our baby news that way. Well after Adam’s mom read the note, my parents were to open an envelope with the new ultrasound picture in it to reveal we were having a girl!

Three huge, life-changing surprises all in one night! ❤️

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