Brittany and Adam

How We Met

Adam & I are high-school sweethearts, we have been together since we were sixteen years old. We were connected through a ex boy friend when things for he and I went south. Adam sparked my interest by messaging me on Facebook & as they say “the rest is history”. He’s the type of guy that beats to his own drum, which is one of my most favorite things about him. We dated for about 4 months before he finally asked me to be his girl friend & then he made me wait six and a half years to ask me to be his wife & I can honestly say I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


how they asked

Adam & I began planning a couples vacation to Gatlinburg, TN in early June for the following December. The plan was to have some of our closest friends go & enjoy some time together & unwind after finals. Christmas is our favorite time of year so what better way to spend it then together on vacation. We drove down after work on Thursday & then early Friday morning we started our first day of adventure! First, he took me to the Ripley’s Aquarium & after we enjoyed some Dipin’ Dots while walking down the strip.

For weeks Adam had been telling me about this thing called a “Space Needle” I had never heard of it before & honestly it sounded less then appealing. Finally, as we were walking he looked at me and said “this is the one thing I want to do so lets go,” & reluctantly I agreed. We finally reach the top & after offering to take a photo for another couple our group had the place to ourselves. I then of course take the opportunity to make Adam suffer through some couple photos & as we stood there I noticed he wouldn’t keep his hand out of his pocket. I wrote it off & offered my friends to take their picture. After that was done he called me back over to him & as I started to walk towards him my world began to spin. He took both my hands into his and asked me if I knew how much he loved me & how much I meant to him. I told him I did & at that very moment he got down on one knee & called me by my full name & asked me if I would spend forever with him.




Special Thanks

Payton Taylor
Hannah Holmes