(Stacy )Amanda and Adam

Image 1 of (Stacy )Amanda and AdamHow we met: Adam and I met in high school 9 years ago through mutual friends. My best friend was dating his best friend – we went to a bonfire on night (we are from a small town) where we were introduced, shared our love of sports and music and the rest is history!

7 years ago, we made the decision to pack up all of our belongings and drive across the country from Windsor, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia where we now call home.

We currently reside in Vancouver with our golden retriever, Dallas.

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how they asked: My grandparents have been going to a small town in Florida for the past 24 years, where all of my childhood memories still live. Adam and I have been wanting to take a trip out there for awhile, however flights from Vancouver to Florida are rare and expensive.

In the summer of 2014, we decided that we should finally take the plunge and save up for a trip to Florida in 2015, and so we did. We spent 10 days in sunny Florida with my grandparents, making new memories and reminiscing about old ones. On our last night in Florida, my grandparents, Adam and I went for a walk on the beach to take pictures of the sunset. On walk back to the condo, Adam stopped me, asked me to close my eyes and put my hand out.

I opened my eyes to see this beautiful ring and him saying “I think it’s about time we make this official” and asked me to be his wife. My grandparents were so surprised and so excited that he decided to do it on the beach, a place that meant so much to both me and my family. I can’t wait to bring our family back to that same spot one day!Image 3 of (Stacy )Amanda and Adam