Adalyne and Mitchel

How We Met

We met in middle school and we both had a crush on each other but never did anything about it. In high school, we started hanging out with the same people and started having a “flirtationship”. I was unsure about the relationship. I went on a mission trip to Sumatra for 2 weeks with no cell service so I couldn’t talk to him the whole time. This time apart made me realize how much I wanted him to be in my life.

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How They Asked

He wanted to go out to dinner without warning. He asked me to drive, which he never does, and kept rushing me to get there faster. We got to the area and found a parking spot that was actually a tow away zone! I tried to have him convinced we couldn’t park there but he was in such a rush. He started almost running. I thought we were going to a restaurant but he brought me through a private little neighborhood and down close to 100 steps. I told him there’s no way a restaurant was down here but he swore it was. We get onto the private beach as the sun is setting. We get to the middle of the beach and there’s a blanket, rose petals, and a whole line of photos of us hanging up. He looks at me and tells me all these nice things then gets down on a knee.

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Adalyne and Mitchel's Engagement in tablerock beach, laguna CA

After all that we lit off a Chinese lantern.