Adabelle and Logan

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How We Met

Logan and I met at a bar in Charlotte, NC in January 2012. I was visiting my cousins for the weekend and decided to go downtown to a bar. I ran into my college roommate there, who was currently working in Charlotte. She was with a group of friends and we made plans to hang out the following day. The next day we met up at the bar and danced the night away. It was there that she introduced me to Logan. We had such a fun time together. The night came to an end and we said our goodbyes. My roommate Colbi gave my number to Logan and encouraged him to text me. Ever since that day we texted non stop. Logan was actually in town from Raleigh and thought I lived in Charlotte. Little did he know I was currently living in Atlanta and we decided to give it a shot at a long distance relationship 6 hours away. 2.5 years later I decided to make the move to Raleigh, which was the best decision I have ever made!

how they asked

Our four year anniversary was on 3/12/16, and it was going to be the most special of them all. Logan had told me a month in advance to not make any plans on this special day. We went to Atlanta the day before as he knew the love I have for that city growing up there. He told me to be ready by 8:30 am in a semi fancy outfit.I was so anxious and excited and had so many emotions. It was 8:30 am and we got in the car. He then pulled out an envelope with the number 1 on it. When I opened it I found a collage with some pictures of us and a strip of paper giving me my first clue. The first clue led us to my favorite nail salon in Atlanta. Props to him for knowing every girl wants perfectly manicured hands when they get engaged :) He had mimosas waiting at the nail salon and had invited one of my best friends to meet us there.

The next clue took us to a small airport and he surprised me with a helicopter ride. I had always wanted to go on a helicopter and was so excited about this surprise! He added a video package to our tour and I certainly thought he was going to propose there, but he didn’t. My favorite food is oysters, so it made sense that my next clue took us to a restaurant in midtown Atlanta to enjoy some oysters. After a delicious lunch, we went to the bar next door to enjoy a drink. We went back to the car and it was time for the next clue. This clue led us to Piedmont Park, one of our favorite locations in Atlanta. We got to the park and he had a backpack with him. The next clue asked for us to find a quiet spot in the park. Once we found that spot, he took out a blanket, snacks, and our favorite champagne, Veuve Clicquot. The weather was gorgeous and we had such a lovely time.

The next clue took us to the most popular part of Piedmont Park where everyone takes photos and has the skyline in the background. It was time for my next clue, which was the last clue and the most important of them all. This clue was different from the others, there were no pictures and no clues. It was a letter Logan wrote to me. At the end he said I will always remember this moment. Nothing else mattered and my attention was solely to him. Next thing I know he is on his knee asking to marry me!

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It was the most perfect moment! I didn’t know he had arranged for a photographer to be there the whole time and was able to capture every magical moment. After all the happy tears, he had arranged for us to take our engagement photos around the park. There is nothing I would’ve changed about this day! We’re looking forward to get married next year with our close family in Punta Cana!

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Special Thanks

Laura Barnes
 | photographer