Ada and Paul

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Home, Zygi, Cyprus

How We Met

We at a Christmas market after work 3.5 years ago in Nottingham. He was standing next to one of the landmark lions eating mushy peas and I just had to comment that they looked disgusting. He made me try them; they still taste as bad as they looked.

Ada and Paul's Engagement in Home, Zygi, Cyprus

How They Asked

3.5 years later of which we had been living together for 3, we have discussed the possibility of marriage many times.

It was a slow afternoon browsing for houses to buy in the future. Come dinner time, I asked him to cook something simple, fish fingers and potato wedges. We were drinking beer/cider and fooling around in the kitchen when I asked him if he wanted to make us official. He said yes and I was crying. (I give a massive shout to all the guys who propose, it’s a lot harder than you realize)

Then for the next hour or so we were planning down a draft for an intimate wedding on the island.

P.S. He bought me the ring for Xmas but didn’t propose then. I said yes to the ring in December but we said yes to each other today