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Ace and Gabrielle's Engagement in Dallas, Texas (Dallas Theater Center)

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I met Ace on the first night of the third annual Dallas One Minute Play Festival. It was after all of the cast members were headed out of the theater and after he mustered up the courage say hello. We chatted and five minutes into the conversation we found out that we not only worked as actors at the same theater company but also were playing each other’s fiancé in the upcoming production of Christmas Carol.

Ace's Proposal in Dallas, Texas (Dallas Theater Center)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas (Dallas Theater Center)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas (Dallas Theater Center)

I was immediately enthralled by this handsome, talented man who I knew had a kind and passionate heart. From that day on I’m pretty sure we spent every waking moment together falling deeper into love and finding joy in becoming the best of friends. We have since then done three shows together and during the closing weekend of HAIR at Dallas Theater Center Ace sang me his favorite love ballad at the top of the stage’s slide (yes we had a 22ft slide in the middle of the stage!), blowing my mind with his voice and also how he kept this whole production a secret!

My favorite part of the proposal is that Ace, instead of getting me a classical ring, proposed a gold heart necklace instead! So now we have mirrored matching necklaces (an ace of spades for him and a heart for me). I feel like Ace is my purpose, my light, and my standing ground. And I am so incredibly pumped to get to spend the rest of my days with this beautiful man!

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