Acacia and Connor

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bakers Beach San Francisco, CA

How We Met

We met at a kegger and my future husband was the kid with a beer box on his head. He was always making people laugh and being the life of the party. Connor and I were 19 at the time and we hit it off right away. We continued to be best friends and not much more, even though I knew we would end up together one day, it just had to be the right time. Three years later we were both newly single and I just could not get Connor out of my head. He was always there for me, made me laugh, and just made me happy. We started dating officially September 25th, 2016 and we’re inseparable since.

how they asked

Connor and I planned a spontaneous trip to San Francisco, the first weekend of October. We both had never been there before and I had always wanted to see Alcatraz! Friday our second day into our trip, started off with getting coffee at an adorable cafe down the street from where we were staying. We ventured to pier 39 to check out Fisherman’s Wharf and all the tourist spots. We had planned to go to Bakers Beach for a picnic and sunset then check out the San Francisco nightlife. We made it back to our room to get ready for our night and then headed to the beach.

Bakers beach is a beautiful place to see an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the sunset. We got super lucky with the weather and it couldn’t be more perfect. We were walking along the beach trying to find a spot to sit and relax when we shortly found out that Bakers Beach is also known as Naked Beach… Yep, a naked beach. We got the full experience of a man enjoying the sunset in his birthday suit. A little startled and thrown off we laughed it off and headed back the other way to enjoy our wine. I could tell Connor was a little off and somewhat nervous, when he never is. We decided to take another little walk when the Connor stopped me and gave me the biggest hug and proceed to tell me how much he loved me and everything sweet you could imagine.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bakers Beach San Francisco, CA

Connor started to get a little emotional and that’s when things went kinda blurry for me. I have never seen Connor cry before and I just lost it. Connor got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and asked me to be his wife. I could not stop laughing and crying at the same time and of course, I said YES. Then Connor points to Bryanna our photographer and tells me he hired her and we were going to take our engagement photos. I was blown away and could not believe he had planned all of this.

We had so much fun taking photos, jumping in the water, and getting soaked by a wave. I felt like I was in a movie. Connor and I are getting married on June 8th, 2019 at the most beautiful venue called Cave B Inn and Winery in Vantage, WA. I cannot wait to marry this man and start a family with him. And I cannot wait to tell our kids one day about our engagement, I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it!

Special Thanks

Bryanna Amaya
 | Photographer