Aca-OMG You Have To See This Pitch Perfect Proposal

Image 1 of Aca-OMG You Have To See This Pitch Perfect ProposalHow We Met – by Max: Lindsay and I met through mutual friends. My friend Brian, who works with Lindsay introduced us at Waterway Cafe, and we ended up playing on the same kickball team soon after. We became fast friends and our relationship quickly evolved. We got along so well, and had so many of the same interests it just felt like we belonged together.

how they asked – by Max: I proposed at our friends’ Krystle and Jenny’s house Friday May 8th. It is actually where Lindsay lived when we first met, so it had some relevance as far as location. It was Jenny’s birthday so we were all there for her party. The set up for the party was that it was a themed party where the guys were asked to wear jackets and shorts, so we had our uniforms. We love theme parties and dressing up so it wasn’t out of the norm for us. We went outside to “take a guys picture” and then the music started. We love the movie, and we love the soundtrack. So do most of our friends. Lindsay puts the music on almost every time we are in the car together. Every time that song comes on, I sing that part to her. It’s special between us. I also wanted to do something that incorporated our friends. They are very important to us and I knew that it would make it even more special to have everyone involved. The original plan was to do it when we went to see Pitch Perfect 2 but the logistics of that weren’t ideal. The guys are Lindsay and my friends. Matt E, Matt O, Buddy, Dylan, Charles, Kevin, Zach, and Brian. No one has singing experience at all, other than maybe in the shower. All of them said yes right away. We rehearsed for about an hour the Wednesday before. Brian and Dylan knew their parts already and it was just a matter of putting all of the rest of it together. We ran through it probably 5 or 6 times. As far as her reaction, it took her just a second to react but it felt like forever. I had so much nervous excitement. When we were performing I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying. It turns out she was laughing because she knows how much I love to sing that part of the song. I was so happy that she was surprised. She thought that we were doing it for Jenny’s birthday, and had no idea it was for her. When she said yes it was the best feeling. I was so happy and I know she was too.

how they asked – by Lindsay: I was absolutely stunned! It was the most surreal moment and it took me a little while to even realize exactly what was happening. I couldn’t believe how many people were involved and how they pulled it off. It was the best moment of my entire life and I will remember it forever. I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Max!

Right afterwards we called our families and friends. Everyone was really excited. Once we told all of the important people, we were already at a party, so we continued to celebrate with all of our friends. We posted the video so our friends and family could see it. We spent the rest of the weekend talking to family and friends and enjoying being engaged.

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Credits: Brian Beattie, Dylan Collins, Matt Eiselman, Matt Okell, Buddy Finch, Charles Carillo, Kevin Odom, and Zach Zmuda. Krystle Calhoun and Jenny Zdankowski, Kelly Murray, Kat McGinley, Carley Litchfield and Andrea Ramos