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How We Met

I always thought I’d meet the man I was going to marry by literally running into him. I have never been the graceful girl who dances through life. More so the rolling snowball that sort of engulfs everything it touches. ​But I was wrong, for the most part. Cameron and I have had our fair share of stumbling since we’ve met. It’s inevitable. Instead, we met in the most perfect way I could’ve imagined. Music.

In 2013 after high school, I was invited to be part of a worship team in Houston for a youth camp. It was a friend of a friend kind of situation. My friend was a friend of the team leader; Cameron was a direct friend of the leader and a member of the church. As cliché as this next part sounds, it’s true. I was sitting on the piano bench hanging out when Aaron, the team leader says, “This is my friend Cam.” I looked up, saw him, and in my mind I said, “I’m gonna marry that boy.” But obviously I had to keep it cool, so I just said hello and admired him from afar.

We hit it off pretty well. He was the biggest dork I had ever met and still the coolest guy in the room. He was talented, charming, funny, unique (to say the least) and he had no idea how bad I was crushing on him. I wasn’t going to ever let him know. The week ended and we never spoke again.

Almost two years later and I got a text from the same friend who invited me to the team in 2013 about hanging out and playing some music with the very same team. “Cam is coming down.” My heart skipped a bit. Over the years I never did quite forget about him. I’d see an Instagram post or a tweet and be reminded of how much I liked him, but I never did make a move. But this was it. All I needed was one more chance and I wasn’t going to to miss out this time. I made my way to Huntsville, a nervous wreck. I had all those feelings you feel when you see your crush run around on the playground. That I’m-gonna-be-sick-and-excited-and-cry-and-freak-out-all-at-the-same-time feeling. I had even saved the last bit of my favorite perfume for that day. I was going to make an impression. I pulled up to the house, freaked out a little more, walked in, said hi to some friends, and walked over to the room we were going to be jamming out in. As soon as I hit the doorway, there he was. He was sitting on the floor recording a banjo part he had been working on and stealing my heart. He finally finished and stood up. He turned around and be still my heart, there he was. Again, in my mind, “I’m gonna marry that boy.” He walked over with my favorite dorky smile and gave me a hug. Wait for it, he hugged me and said, “You smell good!” You don’t know how funny that was in my mind. I had literally saved that last drop of Burberry perfume for this day. It was worth it. Fast forward A LOT and we finally started dating. Over the summer of 2015 we kept in contact and started a pretty fun friendship. I was going crazy trying to figure out if I had a chance and it wasn’t until August that he made a move and asked me on a date. September 7, 2015 he drove to College Station and took me on our first date. Spoiler alert, we fell in love along the way and decided to get married

Our first picture together (2016, yes, it took us that long to take a picture together)

Our latest picture together (2017)

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how they asked

As some of you know, Cameron and I are in a band called Story House. We’ve been writing music together for the last two and a half years now. It’s been the most perfect and unreal journey. I remember countless prayers and talks of how I just wanted a man who loved Jesus and would do music with me. God really does answer prayers.

One of the first songs we wrote was called Sweet Sweet Home. It was never intended to be about us, we just wanted to write a sweet, hokey, and warm song for the fun of it. It has become our “end of the show song” when we finish gigs. But for awhile, Cameron had been talking about making a music video for the song. We had the idea of setting up on a front porch, sitting on a porch swing with some iced tea in hand, and creating the most romantic Texas scene we could. Cameron got to work on making it happen and next thing I knew, he had a date, a house, and a videographer.

October 14th rolled around and we were just hanging out for the day before shooting the video. It was the most normal day and I had NO idea. Obviously, in the back of my mind I was saying, “Today would’ve been perfect for him to propose. We have the cameras, we’ll be dressed nice, but what do I know?” Oh, what did I know. We hung out with our dear friend, Reagan. We went to Taco Cabana, Guitar Center, the grocery store (twice) and just hung out. We started to get ready for the video and headed out. When we got there I was still so clueless. I thought we were just filming our music video and heading home. We set up shop in the corner of one of the most beautiful porches I’ve ever seen. It was exactly what we had envisioned. The sun was setting over Texas’ impressive green pastures and it was a dream of a day. We started recording and decided to do two or three takes. Take one. Done. Take two. Done. Cameron decided to do one more take and then we would wrap it up. In the middle of preparing for take three, I joked with Cameron about how “today would’ve been the perfect day to propose, but obviously that wasn’t gonna happen.” Little did I know that both of our mom’s were in the room right behind me laughing at that comment. Cameron shook it off, apologized because “Sorry, honey. Today’s just not the day.” And just like that, take three. We sang the song and I got lost somewhere in the lyrics and music when I heard Cameron stop playing. He continued with the words but I thought maybe he just messed up. I turned to look at him and there it was, that same dorky smile. He continued to say the verse, put his guitar down, and got on one knee.

“So here and now, won’t you take my hand. I’ll be your man and you’ll be my bride.”

To which I yelled, “NO.” Later I found out that everyone was freaking out because they all heard me say no and thought that things had taken a turn for the worst. In reality, I was just shocked and by no means crying like all those perfect girls you see on the internet. After a lot of questions and baffled expressions, I finally said yes!

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To make the moment even more perfect, he had hid all my family and friends in the house, each with a sunflower for me to have. I never really gave thought to how I would want my proposal to happen, but I guess I didn’t need to because everything about that day was a dream come true.

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