Abrianna and Carrick

Abrianna and Carrick's Engagement in Grafenwohr, Germany

How We Met

My fiancé and I have been together just over a year now. We’ve spent only 3 of our now coming on 13 months together. He is military so it got really hard and rough. He moved right after we started dating. It crushed me, but we made it work the best we could. We had a split once for two weeks; he was on deployment. I knew it would happen and know many who had it happen before. Being that I was in Europe and he was deployed over here, I knew eventually he’d come back through.

August 2018 he messaged me saying he was coming through my post again and asked to meet up again. I went in upset and hurt still, but missing my best friend dearly. I saw him, that evening we made a date. Walked around post, reconnected and made things official again in front of a really historic water tower while sitting and eating ice cream on a mini picnic.

He left again for another country, we talked and made things work again. Before Christmas, he was nearby again, and he eventually got to come back to my post for about three months (the literal three months we physically spent together.)

How They Asked

I just want it on the record, I knew what was happening all because of his friend. We met in the food court for dinner and his friend was like “you do you man” as my fiancé was digging through the bag for the box. He asked me on a walk and my stomach turned in knots. I said yes and he started walking me straight to the water tower.

My baby, he has credit, tried to line it up exactly to where we’d say that evening back in August. He told me I’d never answered his question, and I kept asking what question until he dropped down on one knee on a very bad spot (a little hill I’d gotten stuck on during the picnic). Of course, I said yes and kissed him. He slipped the ring on and looked down at me and said: “you’re right that hill sucks.”