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Associate marketing manager

Hi there! I’m Kathryn Eder, Associate Marketing Manager at How They Asked. I’m a sucker for a good love story and proposal story, and help the team share yours on our social media! I may even shed a tear here and there … but don’t tell anyone! I am from Virginia, graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Communication with a concentration in PR, and currently live in Hoboken, NJ.


How_He_Asked-43Hi, I’m Stacy Tasman Stahl! I started HowTheyAsked after a dear friend of mine got engaged. I felt blessed to be a part of the proposal and honestly couldn’t tell you who was more swept up in the emotion – my newly engaged girlfriend or my [extremely mushy] self. Thus, HowTheyAsked.com began. I’m a storyteller myself and unstoppably inquisitive. I love all things real, passionate, and energetic, and when life gives me lemons – I build a lemonade stand. I live in New York City, am a University of Florida graduate, and I’m lucky to have traveled through some of the world’s most beautiful countries over the past few years. Most importantly, I get to know extremely excited women and help them share the most amazing story of their life with their friends, family, and all the love-addicted readers of how they asked. And yes, I cry reading every single one.