Abimbola and Joel

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He planned the sweetest proposal ever, he got me to organize my own proposal without knowing it. I didn’t see it coming AT ALL. I always boasted of how I always know when something is up and often joked that I would know when that time comes. BUT BOY! He Got Me Real Good!! I was contacted by a good friend and business contact that one of our mutual friends was ready to pop the question to his “girl” and she would love to work with me to organize the proposal. I began throwing out different ideas for proposals that I thought would be sweet. Little did I know that I was actually planning my own proposal!!! He knew that if my brain was busy working and concentrating on someone else, I’d have little or no time to think about my proposal.

Y’all should have seen me pampering the “bride-to-be” thinking I had to make sure she was good. They even had me do her makeup you guys! and there I thought I was in on the joke but the joke was really on me! I still chuckle when I think about the whole thing! The whole process was amazing and so spectacular that even the guests that came to celebrate with the proposed “couple” didnt know. They titled it INCEPTION.

S/O to @divineworks_events who executed this perfectly without ever letting it slip once (Trust me, I know how to interrogate her)! S/O to @candorpictures for making me feel like I was in on the secret but really wasn’t, and for capturing the whole thing. I cannot wait to share it with you guys! S/O to my very own DEMI who planned the whole thing because he knows how inquisitive I am!!!! You exceeded my expectations babe and actually surprised me!!! 1-0!!! Looool I’m Getting Married Y’all….. Beautifully Captured by CANDOR PICTURES! Perfectly Executed by DivineWorks!!

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