Abigayle and Justin


How We Met

We met on tinder! The moment I swiped, it was a match. He immediately messaged me, “hello gorgeous”, and my heart melted, I was soo giddy!

We started talking on the phone every night, and all our conversations were well over 3 hours long. Neither of us left any time for awkward silences. We instantly clicked and were so similar it was crazy.

He asked me to go out on a date with him, and we were so anxious to meet that one night at 11 pm he had offered me to come to his house to meet him for a couple hours to get our pre-date jitters out of the way and meet before our first date. He was so shocked when I immediately said yes. I drove 35 minutes in the ice and snow to meet him that night.

He met me at my car in his driveway and we hugged a very tight hug. We watched funny movies, talked, shared our first kiss and ate strawberry ice cream on his couch. I drove home later that night (or should I say morning), and we were even more excited for our first date.

On our first date, he picked me up from my apartment with a card and a dozen red roses and we went to a hibachi grill for sushi. after dinner we went back to my apartment for board games, movies and at midnight he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. (Of course I said YES!)

Ever since then we spent almost every day and night with each other, and a few months later he asked me to move in with him so we wouldn’t have to keep driving 40 minutes to see each other.

We have become such great friends and he is my confidant!


how they asked

Ive always joke about my “proposal rules”. He had to have my father’s permission, my nails had to look nice, he had to use my full name, and i wanted the moment to be secretly captured.

On my birthday Justin had his four year old daughter (who I consider to be my own), and I go get mani/pedi’s. Afterwards we all went to a beautiful park with a scenic sunset and bridges over different little rivers for a family photo session.

We all enjoyed being in front of the camera and were all having fun. Justin had brought a princess gift bag with all my birthday presents in it to open during the photos.

Halfway through the photo shoot his daughter was getting too anxious and couldn’t wait for me to open my gifts, so we all sat down and opened them together.

Justin first handed me his ipad, which had a video and song montage that he and his daughter had put together for me.

It was playing a Bruno Mars song and had photos we had all taken throughout our relationship.

Justin and I have always had a running joke of, “if you play your cards right”, and the last photo on the montage was his daughter holding up several playing cards with the saying, “so do you think you played your cards right?”.

I instantly began crying. His daughter pulled a dozen red roses out of the bag, and Justin got down on one knee, used my full name, and asked for my hand in marriage.

I let out a squeal and cried. I SAID YES!

Our photographer got it all on camera, and we spent the rest of the photo shoot capturing some engagement photos.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful proposal, family or birthday!




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Special Thanks

Sarah Barthlow