Abigayle and Jake

Proposal Ideas City View Rooftop

How We Met

Abby and I met in June of 2011 in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Much of Abby’s extended family was planning a beach trip for about 5 families to go to the beach together. While they had 4 families locked in, they were looking for a 5th family with kids of similar ages that would mesh well with the rest of their huge family. Bob Davis (my father’s best friend) reached out to our family to be the 5th family and the rest is history. Abby was 12 and I was 16 when this trip took place. 4 years later we took the same trip, with a similar group of families, and since the first trip ended, Abby and I had always kept tabs on one another. Over the course of 10 years of talking on and off, while always staying a little too close, the spark finally turned to flame in May of 2018 when Abby finally came to visit and we went on our first date at O-Ku in west midtown, ATL.

Abigayle and Jake's Engagement in City View Rooftop

Where to Propose in City View Rooftop

How They Asked

With Abby being from Michigan, we planned a trip to have her parents visit. Abby was under the impression that her parents would be coming down to visit the weekend after I planned on proposing. Since we had a “quiet weekend” I suggested we re-create our first date by going to the sushi place I took her on our first date and then to the rooftop where I first asked her to be my girlfriend and told her I loved her. When we got to the rooftop I explained that it wasn’t a coincidence that we were there, and that I had loved her for 10 years, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. When she said yes, her parents and her 2 best friends from Michigan, along with countless friends who had made their way there to celebrate without her knowing all rushed out of a stairwell to surprise her. She had no idea any of her friends or family was there, and we ended up sharing a beautiful fall evening with family and friends in front of the Atlanta skyline.


Special Thanks

Mike Dawkins
 | Photographer