Abigale and Andrew


How We Met

It started out as any other high school hopeless romantic love story. I was 14 and had my first crush on the cute boy in front of me in my algebra class. I spent most of my days trying to build up the courage to think of a question to ask him just so I had an excuse to talk to him in class. Then I had my first break. For my 15th birthday, I got two Taylor Swift tickets for her concert in Austin. After class one day I found the courage and asked him if he would like to go to the concert with me. His response was that he would have to check with his parents to see if he was free. I waited countless days for a response, but heard nothing and was convinced he was not going to come.

Finally the call I had been waiting for: he said yes! On the evening of the concert, we sang and danced all night to Taylor Swift and it was the start of our love story! Every year that Taylor Swift comes back to Austin, we always go as a token to where it all started. We graduated from high school together to then go on to Mississippi State University where we will both graduate from this May. This past summer marked six years together. I never expected that my first boyfriend and high school crush would one day end up being my soon-to-be-husband! We were and are just two crazy kids in love!


how they asked

This past July, Andrew and I went on a summer vacation with my family to Paris and London for ten days. The first half of the trip was spent in Paris where we went sightseeing and even did a little French cooking. To celebrate our last night in Paris, my Dad had made arrangements for a special dinner that night for the family. To my amazement, our cab driver pulled up to the Eiffel Tower! We had dinner arrangements for the restaurant Le Jules Verne, a fancy restaurant in the middle of the Eiffel Tower. Right when we got to the very front of the line to go on the elevator, my Dad said he was only able to get a reservation for two that night and wanted Andrew and I to be able to enjoy the special experience.

We enjoyed an amazing five-course meal in a little window seat with the sun setting in the background over all of Paris. After our meal, our hostess invited us to take pictures with the restaurants photographer on a section of the Eiffel Tower right below the restaurant. The pictures started out as any other normal picture until Andrew got down on one knee and asked if “I would be his best friend forever and would you marry me?”


I was so surprised and immediately start crying, happy tears of course! Everyone around us cheered and we were met by my family waiting for us arms open and ready to celebrate! It truly was the most romantic night in the Eternal City of Love!