Abigail and Zachariah

Abigail and Zachariah's Engagement in McConnell's Mill State Park

How We Met

Zachariah and I met at college. We both went to Gevena College, but he was a year older than me. He played baseball, I played volleyball, but our paths never crossed until my roommate started dating his twin brother. Almost a year later, the fall of his senior year, we started dating. He told himself he wasn’t going to have a girlfriend his senior year, but I ruined that. His graduation came along and so did summer. He moved home to Columbus, OH, and I moved home to Lititz, PA. We were now 7 hours apart. It was a long summer full of weeks of missing him, but I moved back to school for my senior year in August and now I was only 3 hours away (much better than the previous 7 hour distance). We continued dating and visiting each other on weekends, despite our busy schedules. In October, his twin brother and my roommate got engaged! Then 6 months later, in April, Zach and I got engaged as well, which meant that my college roommate and I were going to be sister-in-laws!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in McConnell's Mill State Park

how they asked

Megan (longtime best friend & current MOH) and I had plans for about a month to go hiking at McConnell’s Mill State Park. Megan and I LOVE hiking and it’s something we always do together, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. About two weeks prior to our hiking date, Zach decided that he was going to come visit me at school that weekend. I said of course he could come, but he had to go hiking with Megan and I (little did I know that this was their master plan…). Since Zach was coming, we ended up making it a double-date hike with Megan and her boyfriend, Andrew, (who would turn out to be our surprise photographer), and Zach and I. Fast forward now to April 7th, Friday night before our planned hike Saturday morning. Megan was texting me saying that she wanted to look cute for our hike so we could go to lunch at a brewery afterwards and take some pictures together since we never see each other, and I, of course, argued with her endlessly that we don’t look cute for hikes and that I refused to wear jeans or shower. I told Zach how annoying she was being and how ridiculous I thought it was to look cute for a hike; he just agreed with me and let me be cranky about it. I argued with Megan and remained cranky about it all through the night and next morning (she’s a trooper for putting up with me). The morning before we left for the hike Megan continued telling me to look cute and even sent me a picture of her cute outfit and proof that she had indeed showered and done her hair. At that point I had no choice but to shower and put on jeans… I couldn’t be the only one looking like a slob! I picked Zach up and we drove to McConnell’s Mill to meet Megan and Andrew. We walked on the path to the waterfall and took a few pictures (the whole reason I had to wear jeans for a hike, right?). We walked across the red covered bridge to the next part of the path, and I immediately spotted a tree that had fallen and made a bridge over to a cliff right by the waterfall. Without telling anyone what I was doing, I ran across the fallen tree to the cliff! Zach followed me, but Megan and Andrew stayed behind. Out on the cliff, Zach put down the backpack he was carrying with our water and snacks (and I wonder what else…), and he pulled something out of it. He stood before me holding a big, beautiful Bible in his hands. He was talking to me, telling me how proud he was of me, how much he loved me, and then he handed me the Bible… It was engraved with “Abigail Marie Ackerman”. At this point I knew exactly what was happening! HE WAS PROPOSING! He continued to talk to me as he pulled out a ring box and got down on one knee. Then he said, “Will you marry me?”


I was crying and ecstatic and filled with joy. I’m engaged to my best friend! How exciting! The moments after the proposal, we hugged and spent some time out on the cliff praying and thanking Jesus for giving us each other and blessing our relationship. This entire time Megan was taking pictures on my iPhone and Andrew was using his mom’s professional camera to capture every moment of the proposal! How perfect! I immediately FaceTimed my dad, called my mom, both my brothers, my grandma, both of Zach’s parents, and his sister. It was SO FUN telling everyone the news! Afterwards, we took some pictures at the park (also on our website) and went to a local brewery to meet Zach’s parents for lunch. It was a complete surprise and perfect in every. single. way. That’s our story. 4.8.17

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