Abigail and Steven

How We Met: After a year of being in a unhealthy relationship I was determined to have fun during the summer and not focus on boys as all. During the summer  would go with my best friend to watch her boyfriend play softball. I noticed the pitcher was really cute but tried not to think about it. I would see him after games when we went out after exchanged maybe a few words but that’s about it.  A few weeks went by and July 4th was around the corner.


My best friend and I were determined to have a July 4th day because we both worked during the holiday. We planned to just hangout at her house by the pool and just soak up the sun and enjoy our off day, little did I know her boyfriend brought the cute pitcher Steven. We hit it off and couldn’t stop talking. I had this constant battle in my head the whole night of keeping my distance and to not get involved but the more we talked I just couldn’t help myself. There was something special about him I just couldn’t resist.

how they asked: On July 10th 2015 I started the day knowing absolutely nothing of what was yet to come later on. That day because my mom talking me out of working out in the afternoon (cough cough cause the engagement) I woke up around 5:30 to workout before I went to work. My sister ended up driving me because he car was “going to the shop” and we were going to look at possible engagement photo sites for my sisters after work.

Little did I know when I thought Steven was at his dads helping him rebuild a car he was at the engagement site getting everything ready and my sister was supposed to keep me out of the house while my family was decorating. After going to McKinney to “see a site” I just wanted to go home and sleep but on with the day we went. After meeting my family for dinner my sister constantly trying to talk me out of just wanting to go home and sleep the whole day said just one more spot then I could.

As we are driving to Addison I was falling in and out of sleep and as clueless as I could be. After wanting to stay in the car I got convinced to get out and see the park. Walking up there was caution take and kept saying maybe we should leave and walking closer I see candles everywhere and rose pedals covering the ground. Still being totally clueless I say to my sister “I think there is a proposal here, we should really leave!” but she keeps walking so I follow.

She finally turns around and says “well see ya later” then I turn to the side and Steven pops out of the bushes and after I snapped back to reality I realized what was happening and then just started to cry.


The man who I used to think never existed for someone like me, the man I have always dreamed of but never thought I would have is standing in front of me asking for forever and I couldn’t help but say YES!!!!



Photos by: KO