Abigail and Steven

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How We Met

Well it pretty much all started in July of 2014, shortly before Steven’s birthday. Abigail and Steven knew who each other were because she had been to several of his softball games that summer with friends, but they had never gotten to know each other. On the 4th of July, both they and their friends had to work so they decided to celebrate by going over to Madi’s pool that following Saturday, which is where the first time, awkward, fun flirting began! Steven was turning 23 the next week so a big group of friends decided to go to Yucatan to play sand volleyball. That night when everyone was meeting over at his house, Abigail was just leaving work and brought cupcakes for herself and Madi. When she learned it was for his late birthday celebration, she acted like she brought the cupcake for him and would learn later that it was the best move she’d ever make, considering sweets is the way to his heart! From that cupcake forward, Steven knew Abigail was the one for him and the rest is History!

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how they asked

July 10th, 2015 couldn’t have been a better day. Unfortunately, Abigail had to work all day and was up starting at 5am that morning. Steven went and played golf with her cousin David, and took the rest of the day easy to keep the nerves down and get his mind right for that evening! The hardest part of the day was keeping her busy and out of the house from the time she got off at 3 until the proposal at 8, because it was a surprise proposal and her parents were setting things up at their house for the post-engagement party! Her sister Chloe drove her all over Dallas, McKinney and Addison and even got their toes done to kill time without trying to be too obvious something was going down.

Finally as it became evening, Chloe brought Abigail to “check out a possible place for her and TJ to take some engagement pictures”. While all this was going on Steven and his parents were at the spot he had picked out weeks before, Celestial Park in Addison, Texas, filling up vases, lighting candles, picking and laying out rose petals, and hiding the photographer to set up the most perfect proposal. When they showed up to the park to set up, there were caution signs around the park because they were preparing for construction. His original spot in the park had to be changed, but it actually worked out for the better!

Time will tell if it was really just someone trying to get Abigail to turn around and run before it was too late! Finally, after sweating in the Texas summer heat waiting for sunset, Steven got the text that they were there. It wasn’t until then that he really began to feel nervous, but when Abigail walked up and he saw her reaction, all the nerves went away and he couldn’t get down on one knee fast enough. The funniest part of the whole story is that Chloe and their brother-in-law Mark, had to convince her to get out of the car and even put on shoes to “check out the spot” because she was so tired from her long day of work and running around. After a few minutes of begging she finally got out of the car only wanting to get back in the car because she thought it was shut down.

After she was ignored about wanting to get back int he car she kept following her sister and brother in law only to see the rose petals and candles everywhere to think they were walking in on another persons proposal and wanted to leave. After her sister and brother in law awkwardly just walked away Steven popped came around the corner and everything clicked. We both have come to agree that it was totally worth her getting out of the car that evening!

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Special Thanks

Leah Golter
 | Photographer