Abigail and Robert

how we met

It was the forth of July and man was there FIREWORKS! My sister and her husband lived in the same court as my fiancé did and everyone was getting together for a big block party to celebrate. I don’t think we left each other’s side the entire night. There was no denying the chemistry. It was insane! I had butterflies that lasted long after that first night.

how they asked

It was a perfect surprisingly warm day in February. He asked if I wanted to go get lunch by the beach. The beach is my favorite place so without any hesitation I was all over that idea. We went to a restaurant right on the beach with huge glass windows. The food was amazing and the view was incredible. After we finished lunch we went down for a walk on the beach. There wasn’t a single person on the beach. We stopped, sat down on some driftwood and it happened! He got down on one knee and I was in shock! I don’t even think any words came out I just jumped up threw my arms around him and cried. Im pretty sure he said something like ‘you are supposed to say something! Does this mean yes?!’ I nodded and screamed we’re engaged!!

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Sausalito Beach
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