ABigail and Reggie

Image 1 of ABigail and ReggieHow We Met: We met in fall 2010 at Arkansas Tech University.

how they asked: I always told my boyfriend I wanted a unique and very thoughtful proposal. So he took it as a challenge. He had me fooled for months thinking he was going to do a presentation at our college. He wrote out a fake letter a month in advance where the dean of our school asked him to talk to a group of freshman.

Then he set up a fake website with an announcement stating his appearance. On the day of his “big speech” we walk down the sidewalk and I notice there’s a photographer taking pictures of a women. I proceed to walk without thinking and all of sudden he stops me in the exact same spot on campus where he first introduced himself to me.

As he starts talking the photographer turns his attention to us and starts snapping pictures. Then it hits me. He’s about to propose! After all my “no ways” and “OMGs” he kneels down on one knee and asks the 4 words I’ve been waiting to hear for the past four years. “Will you marry me”. So of course I said YES! It happened like I had always dreamed of.

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