Abigail and Preston

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How We Met

Preston and I have known each other for about 4 years. We were more or less just acquaintances for the first year, but then he moved in with my older brother at South Dakota State University and from then on we had gotten to know each other more and more as time went on. After him living with my brother, I had a pretty good grip on who he was, and one day I was scrolling through snapchat and came across his name. Not thinking it was anything special, I added him because he was one of my brothers best friends, so why not? The following weekend him and all of his friends and me and all of my friends went to a rodeo close to where we live here in South Dakota. During the time of the rodeo, I would say I got to know him very well, but still wasn’t thinking we we’re anything more than friends. After the rodeo, I received a snapchat from Preston with his phone number saying, “I think we should probably just text”.

Now, at this point I’m all for that because at the rodeo I had developed quite the crush on him and apparently him on me as well! Unfortunately, 3 days after the rodeo I was scheduled to be on a plane and off to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for Army training for the next 2 months. As bad as I wanted Preston and I to work while I was away, I pushed him to the back of my mind and decided it wasn’t going to happen, and off to Missouri I went! When I was away, we weren’t allowed to have our cell phones, but we could have our laptops. Every single day after training, I would go on my laptop and sure thing, there would be a message from Preston waiting for me. Whether I would respond or not, he was bound and determined to make sure I didn’t forget that he was definitely waiting for me to come home.

I had gotten home on a Thursday late at night, and on the following Saturday I was moving into my dorm at South Dakota State University. I knew that my older brother was coming to help move me in, but when he showed up, he brought a friend, Preston. We picked up right where we left off two months prior and were officially dating a week later. Now to be engaged to him two years after that is unreal. He is my best friend and I can’t wait to ‘date’ him for a lifetime!

how they asked

Fall is my favorite season hands down. I love going to the pumpkin patch, the fall colors, the fall outfits, and going to the apple orchard by my hometown. On September 24th, Preston was duck hunting with my brothers and a few of their friends, and I was working with my mom in her store on main street in Milbank, SD. That afternoon my mom, Preston, and I decided to go up to the Big Stone Apple Ranch and it was a beautiful day to do so! At the Apple Ranch we purchased what we came for, and then Preston asked if I would like to take a picture. My mom was there taking our picture and all of a sudden Preston turned to me and grabbed my hands. I wish I could remember what he said, but all I remember is realizing what was happening and the world completely stopping around us.

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He got down on one knee and pulled out the most absolutely stunning ring I have ever seen. I also wish there were words to describe what I was feeling in that moment but there definitely aren’t. I just cried, and cried, and cried.