Abigail and Nick

How We Met

Nick wasn’t from my hometown, and when we started high school, Nick was the new kid in town. I thought he was cute, but I never saw us hooking up because I just didn’t see us together! The summer before our junior year (summer 2012) he got my number from a mutual friend and began to text me. We texted on and off- nothing serious. I definitely wasn’t into him! Fast forward to November of the same year- we started texting every single day. I still wasn’t into him, but I was a flirt so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt anything to text him regularly! I never wanted to officially start “talking” because I wasn’t sure if I liked him or not. One chilly day in November, we walked into school together and I realized then “hey, I actually like this guy!!”. Nick was on the school’s varsity basketball team, and on November 30th, 2012, we had our first “date”. That night was the first home game of the season and he wanted me there to support him. We rode together after school, and then to the local Mexican restaurant for some supper. After that, we drove to the gas station before heading back to the school so he could get ready for his game. At the red light, he asked if we could officially start talking and I said “sure!” with a grin on my face! Once we got to the school and parked, I gave him a quick kiss in the car for good luck. That was our first kiss. Fast forward two days on December 2nd, we spent the whole day together at church. He asked me to be his girlfriend on the couch in my living room. I felt so happy and I knew then that there was something special about Nick. :)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Panama City Beach, Florida

Abigail's Proposal in Panama City Beach, Florida

how they asked

Nick knows that my favorite place in the whole entire world is the beach. We vacation with my family on a low-populated island, and I always told Nick if he ever decided to propose to me on the beach, I wanted it to be secluded like Sanibel is. But I also told him I didn’t want the basic beach proposal of taking family pictures, girl turns around, guy is on his knee. I wanted something special. This summer we decided to vacation with his family as well (2 beach trips for me so I definitely was in!!). His family decided to go to Panama City Beach. We all know how crowded it is there, and I really didn’t want a large crowd around when he proposed. I also wanted to celebrate with my parents and his the night of the proposal. I was suspecting him to propose to me, I just didn’t know how he would pull it off or what he would do! I think Nick started to realize I was suspecting it, so he talked me out of my suspicion for sure. His story made sense, so I started to think it would be more toward the end of the year when he proposed. He told me that Tuesday night he wanted to take pictures of just us. I was shocked because usually Nick is not a picture guy. His parents suggested after me and him go take pictures that we all get dressed up and go out for a really nice dinner. Nick was freaking out all week about the perfect picture spot, nobody being around us, and the sunset being just right. We decided to take pictures at St. Andrew’s State Park, which is at the end of PCB. So, us and his sister drove to St. Andrew’s Tuesday evening around 7 pm central time to take pictures (keep in mind the sun started to set at 7:30 which made everything so perfect). That end of Panama literally didn’t even seem like Panama City Beach at all. It was nice and quiet down there, with not a lot of people around AT ALL. It was just like Sanibel. We took a few shots, and then Nick told me we was going to have a shell contest (he knows I love seashells). He told me to go look on the shore while he looked up on the beach. Finally, he called my name and walked toward me. When he got to me, he said “I found the perfect one” and I said “Let me see!”, He had a beautiful shell in his hand. Then he said “When I said I found the perfect one, I wasn’t talking about the shell, I was talking about you”. Then he flipped the shell over on his hand and inside the shell in a little pocket was a ring!! (he had the shell custom made as a ring holder). I instantly said, “NO WAY!” because I really thought he wasn’t going to propose to me! He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I fell into his arms while fighting back tears and said yes!!

I asked him if he was sure he wanted to deal with me the rest of his life, and he said he had never been so sure ;) As we left the beach, I figured we were going to head back to the condo to pick up his parents. Instead, he went straight to the restaurant and when we got inside my parents surprised me! Nick had planned for my parents to come celebrate with us just like I wanted. His parents and mine were there to celebrate the special moment with us after our proposal. It was everything I had ever dreamed of!