Abigail and Nick

How We Met

On June 5, 2013 I was 17 years old, working a Wednesday night shift at Chick-Fil-A when three boys in baseball uniforms walked in just before closing. They ordered from me, then sat down across the restaurant. I could tell they were whispering about me and I’ve since been informed that they were placing bets on which one would give me his number on the way out. Nick, who would do anything for the sake of entertainment, told the other boys that if they wouldn’t do it, he would. So he wrote his phone number on the back of his receipt and left it there for me. I don’t know why, but I texted him as soon as I got home, we went out the very next night, and have been together ever since.

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how they asked

A few weeks before Nick proposed, my friend Nathan accidentally sent me a text meant for Nick, congratulating us and saying how excited he was for August 7th. I immediately knew what he was talking about and called Nick crying to tell him the surprise was ruined. He 100% convinced me that he would fix it, change the date, and it would be later in the month. So when he picked me up after work on August 7th, I had already put the date out of my mind. He told me we had reservations at a restaurant later and needed to kill some tie before then, so he suggested going for a walk around the lake.

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As we walked down the trail, I saw some lights in the trees and thought there was a birthday party happening (very perceptive). It wasn’t until he whispered, “I didn’t actually go into work today” that I understood what was happening. He led me down the path to a Chick-Fil-A bag with a ring in it that made me lose consciousness. I thought it couldn’t be more perfect until I saw my best friends run out from behind a cabin. It was unforgettable and I can’t wait to spend my life with the best person I know!

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Special Thanks

Abigail Lewis
 | Photographer