Abigail and Mike

Image 1 of Abigail and Mike

How We Met

He worked at a coffee shop downtown next to my college campus. I was a regular at the coffee shop who came in almost every day they were open. We started talking more and more when I came in, and eventually he asked me to go to a play his friend was in. We went to the play and have been together ever since – just over four years.

How They Asked

We have been quarantining together since March 2020. I am immunocompromised, so we did not leave the apartment often and did not regularly see other people. This made it a little tricky for Mike to plan out his proposal. He bought my dream ring online and had it shipped to my parents’ house. The day the ring was supposed to arrive, he told me he was going out to get the mail. Instead, he went outside to call my dad and ask for his blessing. My dad gave his blessing and Mike told him the ring was on its way to the house. My parents had been doing our laundry throughout our quarantine to limit our exposure to other in the apartment complex’s communal laundry. To get the ring to Mike, my dad hid it inside the pocket of a pair of Mike’s shorts and put those shorts in the middle of the laundry in the baskets we picked up from their house. Mike hid the ring inside of a cabinet and waited a week. On Saturday August 1st, 2020, my friend Kylee came to visit us. She had done this a few times before during quarantine. Kylee came and sat at the window of the garden level apartment and talked to us through the window while we all wore masks. We talked for about an hour. Then, Kylee started to show me some picture on her phone. While I was distracted looking through the window at her phone, Mike set up his phone to record and got down on one knee behind me. He said, “Babe can you take off your mask for a second?” I turned around and saw him on one knee holding the ring. He asked me to marry him and, of course, I said yes!