Abigail and Michael

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How We Met

I first met my fiancé, Mike, back in sophomore year of high school. While painting a tree for our theater’s club, I noticed my friend talking to a group of guys. She was dating one of them which happened to be Mike’s twin brother. She called me over and introduced me to him. We hit it off immediately. It all started with the first nerve-racking text and then somehow ended up with long walks on the beach holding hands and talking about everything and anything.

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My favorite was when he said my hair was as pretty as dead flowers; yup, that’s how he won me over. I was so nervous when he first kissed me but I was so happy when he did. When I got home, my Mom asked if we kissed and I just immediately blushed and went upstairs. A week later, he asked me out. I could tell he was nervous because the whole question of “Will you go out with me” came out as one quick word. I laughed. But said Yes!

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how they asked

Wow. Just wow. It was like a Movie. I am not really sure where to start this. Mike had just finished his time serving in the Army as a Ranger and I just finished my graduate program in Biotechnology. To celebrate our accomplishments and to the end of a very long distance relationship, we decided to take a vacation to the Amalfi Coast in Italy! I was so excited, I have been dreaming about visiting this place ever since my time abroad in college. We flew into Rome and visited the main tourist attractions for the first two days and got our fit of wine and pasta. On the third day, we took some two trains and a ferry to Sorrento, IT. It was raining the whole time we were traveling until we came right up to the city on the ferry.

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The sun came out and Mike leaned over to me and said “I’ll tell you a secret about ‘Fancy Date Night’. It’s right over there”. I looked to my left, across the glittering bow and say the name “Grand Hotel Ambascitori”on the cliffs of the Italian coastline. I was so excited! Immediately, I knew that there would be an amazing sunset view which is exactly what I wanted to see while I was there. For the next few hours until dinner, Mike and I shopped around the cute stores and had a few cappuccinos. Mike was so adamant about getting to the restaurant an hour before our reservation time. We were in the middle of buying a house, so I never would have predicted what was going to happen later that night.

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We got to the restaurant before our reservation, early enough to grab a few drinks out on the patio. Mike wanted to explore the outside area a little before that though, so we proceeded to head down from the patio to the terrace. We had the terrace all to ourselves and the beautiful views of the cliffs of the Sorrento coastline. Mike set up his GoPro to take some photos of us all dressed up. I was standing there, chees-ing for the camera, when he came over to me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest question I have ever had to answer.

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