Abigail and Matthew

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How We Met

We both attend The Baptist College of Florida in the great city of Graceville Florida. I transferred in and Matthew has been attending the school already for a year. I had a heard a little bit about him but he never really caught my attention. One day we were in the school’s cafeteria and he passed by me and all of a sudden out of my mouth I said to him, “nice crocs!” He looked at me and said, “thanks..” and walked away… I was so embarrassed that I wanted to drop my hot lunch and run out of the door! From then on I had sort of a bad taste for him because he was not that enthusiastic when he responded, so I sorta thought he was mean! He then got into a relationship with someone else and we did not really interact with that! Well, fast forward two years to two weeks before our spring break. I got an invite from a friend to come hang out at Matthews house with a few other people. I was a little iffy about it at first but said yes. We got over there and I got to see a side of him that was really goofy and something I had never experienced with him before! Then fast forward to two weeks to our spring break. My friends and I went to Miami and we discovered that him and his friends were in key west (about 2 hours away from each other) I played it cool and did not text him and posted a picture on Instagram as soon as he saw it he immediately text me and it was all history after that!

how they asked

A week before the engagement Matthew told me that his boss and his bosses wife wanted to have dinner with us on that upcoming Saturday. He told me it was about his future in farming and starting his business and that I needed to dress nice. The week of I had my outfit picked out and ready to go. Saturday evening comes and I get all dolled up and he comes to pick me up in a truck. As soon as he sees me he tells me, “you are so beautiful!” Which of course made me smile. We leave for his bosses house but on the way, he said that JP (his boss) texted him asking him to stop by one of their fields to check on a new baby calf. Matthew knows how much I love the outdoors and any animal that I would not mind. He drives up to the field and helps me out of his truck and is guiding me to where the baby calf is.

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He then pulls me infant of him and says, “Abigail, I have been lying to you. We aren’t really going to check on a calf or have dinner with Jp. But I love you so much you mean the world to me and I wanted to know if you would marry me, Abigail Barron Richards?” With tears in my eyes, I chocked out the words yes and kissed my forever partner!

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Special Thanks

JJ Lain
 | Photographer
Ashley Lain
 | Planning
Emily Fredryk
 | Planning