Abigail and Matt

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How we met – her side

It was the summer of 2012 – I had just finished up at the University of Kansas and decided to spend my summer on Martha’s Vineyard. My Aunt and Uncle have a house there. I got a summer job, met some friends, went to bars and truthfully had one of those summers I thought you only read about in storybooks.

One night, I went to a dive bar to catch a local hip-hop performance and there he was! Everything I knew I ever wanted was performing right at me! I begged one of my local friends to introduce us and the rest is history. Once the summer came to an end, I moved back home to Nashville and Matt moved out to LA with some friends of his. For three years of our relationship we did the long-distance thing until Matt decided to finally move to Nashville, last August.

how we met – his side

It was June 28th 2012, I was performing at a bar called “the wharf” which is located in Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard, my hometown. I was in a hip hop group at the time called “complex humans” and right when we started playing some songs I noticed this beautiful girl with white pants and curly hair, she strred at me the entire show and when it was over she had a friend introduce herself to me, we started dancing and exchanged numbers. The next day I invited her to lunch and had the most amazing day, I knew right then that she was the one for me. We spent the rest of the summer together falling deeper into love.

how they asked – her side

On Tuesday, the 28th of June, which ended up being the exact day we met four years ago! (I had no clue about the date we met – so impressed by the research Matt did.) I was to go to downtown Nashville to do a shoot for my friends music video. Coming off of an incredibly long work day, I was absolutely oblivious to the elaborate surprise that was ahead. Immediately after the video shoot started, I spun around and there he was! He got down on one knee, said “I love you. Will you marry me?” And after I blanked out I said “OF COURSE!”

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He had my parents waiting in the bushes, which was so important to me. It’s been such an incredible experience and Matt and I feel so blessed to have nothing but love and support around us at this beautiful time in our lives.

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how they asked – his side

I really wanted to surprise her because she is such a little detective. I knew I was going to propose on the 28th of June so I bought us plane tickets to go to Martha’s Vineyard on the 29th of June. Knowing that Abigail had no idea what the date was of the night we met I began to plan the surprise. I called one of Abigail’s good friends and told her I wanted to propose to Abi and I’d like a picture or a video to capture the moment, together we came up with the plan to do a “fake”photo shoot for her friend’s music video. When the time was right I’m walked out of the words and asked her to marry me. I had her family and close friends there waiting to celebrate with us, the entire thing went even better than I had imagined and I couldn’t be happier. The next day we got on a plane and had a two-week post engagement honeymoon, it was the time of our lives, she is my better half and I can’t picture my life without her.

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