Abigail and Matt

How We Met

Matt & I knew each other when we were younger. His sister used to babysit my cousins and come on vacation with us. As I got older I started working at his sister’s salon, when I grew an amazing connection to his family. His family always said, “you and Matt are going to get married one day, you and Matt should date, you and Matt..and so on!” And we have never ever re-met in our adult life. I was only 18 at the time, and he is 10 years older than me, so I never really thought it would work. I wasn’t even legal drinking age yet! Fast forward to June 2015 when Matt’s brother and Sister-in-law got married. Matt was home from California for their wedding, and I was babysitting all the kids there. We hung out most of the weekend and just had an instant connection. I already loved his family, and my family already loved him.

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We have a long family history. My parents met Matt for the first time when he was only 3, I wasn’t even a thought at that point in time! So for us to just connect in the way we did, knowing we already had both our families’ support, was something magical. A few months later he asked if I wanted to go see OAR play in Philly when he was coming home for a wedding. I drove to Philly from Waverly, Pennsylvania to see him where went texted our family a photo of us that we were “seeing each other”. They were so happy and excited. A few more months later I flew to California to visit him, fell in love (more with him and) with San Diego, and decided to move in January 2016. We have been inseparable since I moved, and we couldn’t be happier. We adopted an adorable English Bulldog named Arnold and started our future together.

Abigail and Matt's Engagement in Centennial Park, Coronado, CA

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How They Asked

The day of our engagement was such a surprise. The Photographer, Laura texted me to see if she can get some photos of Arnold for a special project she is working on (I never would have thought Matt set this up). We set the date and time and all was smooth sailing until December 7th came along and it was down-pouring all day long!! Mind you it only rains 10ish times a year in San Diego. Laura and I texted back and forth to cancel and reschedule for tomorrow, December 8th. We canceled and then the weather cleared so she still traveled down to San Diego, just for photos of the dog. (Secretly I was having her take a family photo for Christmas Cards) When she got here around 2:30 pm it started raining again.

When we arrived in Coronado at around 3 pm, just as I was about to get out of the car, the rain stops completely! It couldn’t have been better timing. She took photos of Arnold while we waiting for my sister, Alexandra and her boyfriend, Matt to show up. Once they got there she started taking more pictures of us, and that’s when Matt got down on one knee and proposed. Shock took over my entire body! Of course, I said YES! (Matt was working with our photographer the entire time, even during the rain when I was calling the shoot off and on). What a day and what a surprise! I’m so lucky!

Special Thanks

Laura Zecchin
 | Photographer