Abigail and Mark

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How We Met: Mark and I met through a mutual friend, Jason. Mark and Jason were housemates in college and Jason and my brother were really good friends for a few years. One evening I was hanging out with Jason and his girlfriend, Jennie and they were both talking Mark up to me. After I saw a few photos of him I grabbed Jason’s phone and sent Mark a snap chat saying “Wow! I really like gingers!” (Mark has red hair :] ). His response was, “That’s good, because I really like pretty girls!” We talked everyday after that until we met in person two weeks later. I knew he was a keeper from the beginning when he bought flowers for me the first night we went out. Two days later he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes. A year and a half later he asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes!

how they asked: Mark had expressed how he really wanted to take me to this art festival in Annapolis that his uncle had started a few years ago. So the day came and he planned the afternoon at the festival in Annapolis followed by an evening in Quiet Waters Park to listen to the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. After the afternoon at the festival we sat picnic style in the park and listened to the beautiful classical music. Half way through Mark asked if I wanted to go to a lookout over the river that he had seen a sign for. I agreed to go and we walked up to this breathtaking view of the water which was glistening from the sunset. We walked under a gazebo that over looked the water. As I looked out on the water I, being the dreamer I am, thought how it would be the most perfect time for him to propose. I turn around as Mark is crouching down saying how “itchy his leg was,” little did I know he had hidden the ring box in his sock all day long. I turned to face the water again rolling my eyes because I thought he was teasing me by pretending to propose. When I turned to face him again he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring a girl could ask for in his hand. After my initial scream and instant tears, he asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes. :)

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