Abigail and Logan

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How We Met

A couple of years ago this group of guys wandered into Bub’s Burgers where I work and ended up in my section. Truthfully, I wasn’t too thrilled about this because I was trying to clean up the restaurant, and everyone knows 20ish-year-olds are not renowned for their excellent tipping… so I knew I was going to have to interact with this table a lot to get a good tip. So I went to greet the table just like I would any other table, and immediately one of the guys struck up a flirtatious conversation with me…so I’m thinking alright maybe I can get a good tip out of this… and then he only ordered water. But then, two of the other guys ordered our Big Ugly Burger: 1 pound of meat, 1/2 pound of bun + any toppings you choose. If you eat everything on the plate of your Big Ugly Burger, we take your picture, get your autograph on it and then hang it on the wall during closing. One of the guys with the Big Ugly was sitting right across from the one who wouldn’t stop talking to me, so in turn, I ended up talking to him a lot too. Turns out he enjoyed our conversation just as much as I did; because when he left I opened up the checkbooks to make sure no one left a credit card, and I gasped. I took the checkbook back to the counter and took a closer look. The super cute guy who finished the Big Ugly tipped me $100 on top of his meal.

Now, remember: I had his autograph on a photo…so immediately I’m trying to figure out how to say thank you (because we’re all broke(ish) in our 20’s). After a while, I got on my phone and managed to find him on Instagram. I personally wasn’t looking for a relationship of any kind at that given point in time so when I DM’d him saying thank you it was genuine and harmless. But we’ve never stopped talking since.

How They Asked

After a semester abroad in Spain, I couldn’t wait to see Logan. Unfortunately, I knew I had appointments the morning after I got home (a hair appointment and a nail appointment with my mom). But he had it all planned out… he knew about both of those appointments and had booked one of my best friend photographers for that evening.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Zionsville Indiana

He told me we were going to get sushi for dinner to celebrate my birthday (which I had in Spain) and as soon as I got in his car he blindfolded me and said: “Ok I have a surprise for you…” He then turned the wrong way out of my neighborhood,

Abigail and Logan's Engagement in Zionsville Indiana

just to confuse me. After a few minutes, the car stopped and he guided me across the street. He slowly took my blindfold off and I immediately realize where I am: my favorite place in my hometown that I haven’t seen in months. Then out of my peripherals, I see a line of our families standing there smiling at us. So naturally, I blurted “Hi guys!” And started crying. When I looked back at Logan he was down on one knee, in my favorite place, with perfect flowers, and my family watching; asking me to marry him.

Neither of us quite remember what he said because we were so caught up in the moment, but I’m sure that was perfect too. So I said YES!

Special Thanks

Nick Rasmussen
 | Photographer