Abigail and Juris

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How We Met

Juris and I met back in 2007 at a friends party! We were each other first serious relationship, we had no idea what we were doing, we didn’t have our official first date until 2 months after started dating, we just knew we enjoyed each others company so we played along with it. I still remember the time he stopped at a grocery store to buy a blue rose and handed it to me because Valentines day was 3 days away, I was confused because we knew we liked each other but he never asked me to be his girlfriend, he just gave me the rose. The very next day, he asked me to be his girlfriend… through MSN! Can you believe it?

Well, do believe it because I said yes! We were soooo young, but soo in love and even more in love now! We have done so many adventures together, camped out on top of a Malibu mountain, hiked up to Garilbaldi Lake in BC, hiked the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii, climbed up 7 falls in Dominican Republic and so many more! A lot of our friends say, “don’t you want to travel with your friends instead? don’t you get tired of each other?” Truthfully, no – we LOVE each others company so much that we would rather to travel together than with anyone else! He’s home to me. Wherever he is, I feel at home.

how they asked

On our 9th year anniversary, he gave me a blue rose!!! I was so shocked because he’s never given me a blue rose ever since we started dating. I didn’t think of it as anything, I thought he was just being really romantic. He made a reservation at a restaurant at 5PM – I asked him why it was so early, he said there was no other time available… little did I know, he reserved it so early because he had other plans that night. After our dinner, we arrived in our condo, parked the car underground and started heading to the elevator, as soon as the elevator opened he immediately said “i’ll see you upstairs, I forgot something in the car” so I did. I opened our condo and omg… “can’t help falling in love with you” was playing and he turned our place into an art gallery!!!

There were rose petals everywhere, there were candles everywhere! He printed our milestones pictures and put it on the wall and put little love notes explaining why he picked those pictures, there were arrows leading into our balcony, my favourite place of our condo because of the lake view and there it was a card… (mind you at this point, it still didn’t occur to me that he was about to propose, I honestly just thought he was being romantic) I opened it, started reading and crying at the same time because that’s when I knew, I knew what was about to happened that’s when I turned around he was on his knee, asking me to be his wife!

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Every proposal is beautiful, but honestly his is by far my favourite. I cannot wait to take his last name!

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