Abigail and Joseph

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How We Met

It was a summer night, and I was at the SLUH auction with my family. I got a text from my best friend Addie saying she met a guy at the gym and wanted to go out and meet his friends! I was so tired, but my mom talked me into going.

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We arrived at a house filled with unfamiliar faces. Joe immediately caught my eye with his long brown hair and outgoing personality. We got to talking, and found out we both had cats named Socks…and the rest was history!

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How They Asked

My best friend Kristen and her husband Jake live in Clearwater, Florida. Joe and I thought it would be fun to get away and visit them! We booked the trip in January, and our flight left on June 3rd!

Florida was beautiful, we spent the days on the boat drinking lime Coladas and swimming on the sand bar, worry and carefree!

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On Friday the boys were playing golf, so Kristen and I had a girls’ day. We started the morning off with some brunch and shopping. When we got home we went to the pool, and the boys met up with us. That night we planned to get some sunset pictures on the beach, so we started to get ready early (around 3 pm haha!). Kristen and Jake said they take all of their guests to The Don Cesar, the immaculate pink hotel on the beach. I was SO excited! When we got there it was a torrential downpour. We headed to the bar and got some amazing strawberry-basil drinks and sat on some couches outside that were covered.

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Finally, the rain stopped so we started to walk down to the beach. I ran out to the water and grabbed some seashells and Joe grabbed my hand and we started walking down the beach. There was not a person in sight except Joe and I and the sound of the waves crashing. Joe grabbed both of my hands and got down on a knee and I thought he was joking until I saw a photographer come out of nowhere.

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I immediately started sobbing uncontrollably! It was such a genuine moment filled with pure love and happiness. I could not have asked for a more perfect day. And let’s not forget, he proposed on the beach at a pink hotel!

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Thank you to all of our friends and family who kept this all a secret! And to Kristen and Jake who made this trip so special, we love you.


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