Abigail and Jonah

How We Met

Jonah was a shy boy Freshman year and I was the new girl. Slowly, and almost imperceptibly, we became closer friends, until we both separately realized that graduation was coming soon, and in one short month, we would be moving to different cities 3 hours apart.

Jonah realized that he was wild about this girl moving to Grand Rapids, and he couldn’t let her go. He called me, his voice full of tension, as he asked me to be more than friends. I said “Yes” of course. 2 hard, joyful, and ultimately perfect years followed of long distance.

How They Asked

We finally were together for the Summer of 2018. My absolute favorite place(s) in the world is Lake Michigan’s coastline. So on the second longest night of summer, Jonah planned a trip to Holland Beach to have a picnic. It had been a chilly and hazy day for mid-June in Michigan, but nothing would stop us from a rare night off of school and work, together. Jonah was very talkative during the drive and at the beach, which was very unlike him. As we sat on a blanket, eating and cuddling, the sun started to peek out about an hour before sunset, turning everything golden and warm.

Proposal Ideas Holland State Park

In the middle of a conversation, Jonah suddenly stood up and said: “Let’s go walk down the pier!” I followed, holding his hand and taking in the beauty of the evening. We stood on the end of the pier watching daredevils jump off into the beautiful, cold, blue water. Jonah had this little Eddie Bauer sling backpack and told me that he had remembered to bring his camera (we ALWAYS forget to take pictures together) and I was overjoyed.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Holland State Park

Abigail and Jonah's Engagement in Holland State Park

Where to Propose in Holland State Park

I was completely fooled when he came up with the ring box instead of the camera. My heart leaped, my hand flew to cover my mouth in shock, and I giggled inside as I noticed that Jonah had opened the box upside down. It was perfect. He had even hidden a photographer, who captured some of our happiest and best moments. We went back to our picnic spot, reveling in our joy in that golden hour. And honestly, I don’t think we ever left.

Special Thanks

Justice Postman
 | Photographer