Abigail and John

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How We Met

John and I met and fell in love hard and fast. We talked about marriage within the first few months of dating. I always knew in my heart that John would propose, he just kept me guessing on the “when” and “how”.

How They Asked

Never did I think that the moment would come in the middle of a pandemic. John invited me over for a brunch on a Tuesday. I just assumed we were spending the day together. As soon as lunch was over, I started to think something was up. He told me we were going to play a game. I ended up playing our own version of “Survivor”, our favorite show, and running around finding clues, doing reward challenges, and even finding a hidden immunity idol. The game and final clue led me to my favorite place, a hidden dock near the bay. I’ve spent many years sitting at this dock, praying for a man like John.

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Once at the dock, John sat down with me and told me how much he loved me and how he desired to one day put a ring on my finger. He pulled out a ring that we had discovered at a yard sale, a year earlier, and told me that he would one day buy me a real diamond ring that I deserved.

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He asked me to be a little bit more patient. He then proceeded to “accidentally” drop this ring into the bay below. In my head, I thought, “This guy is the worst. He’s brought me along with this far to tell me to keep being patient and then drops this temporary ring into the bay below”. Then John stood and put out his hand to pull me up. It was at this moment, I knew that this man had purposely dropped the decoy ring and wanted me to stand so he could kneel.

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The moment I had waited for my entire life, was about to become a reality. I was in total shock. I eventually stood and allowed the man of my dreams to ask me the most important question I have ever been asked. And I said, “put that ring on my finger!” John and I were engaged on 4/14 in the middle of a pandemic, proving that there can be joy in the midst of chaos.

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Special Thanks

Cal Sampson
 | Photographer