Abigail and Henderson

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How We Met

Henderson and I met senior year of college at Wake Forest University – a school important to both of our families. I have always been drawn to his warm smile and his outgoing personality. I had even mentioned I thought he was cute to a mutual friend a few months before but it wasn’t until a night out downtown that sparks really flew between us. Soon after that we became inseparable – going to formals, beach weekend and night studying at the library together. We spent a good part of the early stages of our relationship doing long distance. After college I went to Spain for 3 months to teach English while Henderson began grad school in our current city of Washington, DC. While living in Spain was an amazing experience, it was nearly impossible to enjoy being so far away. Moving to DC after I returned was the best decision I could have made. After a few more instances of long distance while Henderson studied in Chile for his graduate school program, we finally both settled down in the DC area. Our passion for traveling and seeking new experiences has strengthened our relationship – we never go on a trip without having another flights booked for our next adventure! We have grown to love our life in DC together but enjoy spending time with our families down south. We are so excited to start the next chapter of our lives together and get to celebrate with all of our friends and family.

how they asked

Henderson and I had been dating just over 5 years when we began to discuss our future together. Event though we wanted to be together forever, I knew that Henderson, being the traditional and practical one of the two of us, wanted to have all his I’s dotted and T’s crossed with his career before popping the question. So I patiently waited… well, maybe not so patiently but at least there is a magical happy ending! On September 26, 2017 Henderson and I woke up a bit tired from a night out with friends and margaritas. Having known that Henderson had already made brunch reservations for later in the morning – I slugged around our apartment trying to find the energy to get ready and the courage to put something in my queasy stomach! While I had my suspicion that something was up – rarely had Henderson ever planned a brunch that wasn’t celebrating a friends birthday or had bottomless mimosas – Henderson was acting so calm and cool and collected that I suppressed any ideas that today might be the day. After brunch I suggested we go for a walk around the monuments.

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As I patiently waited for Henderson to stand in line at the restrooms at Lincoln Memorial I had officially given up any ideas that he might pop the question. We walk up the stairs and Henderson begins to give me a history lesson on Lincoln – classic Henderson! As we are walking along the back of the monument, my favorite place in all of DC, I spot what appears to be one of our friends from out of town.

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I turn to point it out to Henderson and he is suddenly on one knee asking me to marry him! Through tears I excitedly said yes! Shortly after our moment together I noticed that there was a group of our friends snapping photos of us! After a photo shoot at the Lincoln Monument with one of my best friends who drove in from Tennessee to document the proposal, we walked to a friends house to celebrate with drinks. After a few hours Henderson insisted that we go home and change so we can go for celebratory fancy drinks.

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After some sprucing up he tells me where were going – the Kennedy Center restaurant! I didn’t even know the Kennedy Center had a restaurant! When we show up I fret a bit about not being dressed up enough and true to form Henderson insists that I am dressed perfectly for the occasion. When we exited the elevator I immediately see my mom coming toward me and shortly after that realize that both of our extended families and all of our friends are there to celebrate with us! The engagement party that Henderson planned could not have been more perfect. We got to see family, celebrate with friends, and it is exactly how we wanted to begin this new stage in our life.

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Special Thanks

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